2019- Say No to Modi!

2019- Say No to Modi!

I was a Modi supporter in 2014, probably more so, because of being fed-up of Sonia’s corruption, dynastic culture of Congress and inaction by the UPA government. Modi’s popularity has greatly waned, ‘Modi-bhakts’ have lost the enthusiasm prior to demonetization, yet most Indians still want to give him another chance because they feel that the alternatives are worse. I was pro- Modi, but never a ‘Modi-bhakt’ because I have never believed in ‘bhakti’. I want to give reasons why I don’t want Modi in 2019?

Biggest Liar

Modi is by far the biggest liar PM in the history of India. I don’t trust him.


Indian youth gave Modi such a big mandate. He wasted it. He neither improved the economy, nor created jobs. There is no hope that he can do so in the future. I now realized that the so called ‘Gujarat Development Model’ was only a false propaganda. The visionary leadership was an illusion.

Pakistan and Kashmir

I don’t want war with Pakistan and I do not want further alienation of Kashmiris. If we give Modi another chance he may give us both!

Crime in UP

I reside in Meerut, UP and was appalled by the ‘Yadav- Muslim’ crime promoted by Mulayam Singh. I wanted reduction in crime but not the ‘encounter killings’ of Yogi Adityanath and feel sad to see the scared Muslims involved in the milk and beef trade.

Suffering of Farmers

47% of Indians are farmers. If their condition does not improve then India does not progress. Modi has given the farmers only false promises and ineffective loan-waivers. Framers cannot afford to give Modi another term.

Erosion of Institutions

Please note the examples of erosion of independent institutions:

  • Judiciary: First time in Indian history judges of the Supreme Court spoke to the media about ‘saving democracy’. Please do analyze the progress of cases against BJP/RSS promoted people and you will get the answer as to what is happening.
  • RBI: Demonetization shattered the illusion of independence of the RBI.
  • Election Commission: The dates chosen for Gujarat elections showed Modi’s control over the EC.
  • Universities: Just recollect what all has happened in Nalanda, Hyderabad, AMU and JNU in the Modi rule. I don’t want more of all that.
  • Media: Media has been scared most now in Modi rule after Indira rule of Emergency.
Ill- Effects of RSS Ideology

I expected that Modi will be a PM more in the Vajpayee rather than Indira mold. He is of course the closest we can get to autocratic-Indira. I don’t want the divisive politics and RSS ideology being promoted under Modi related to:

  • cow laws,
  • beef bans,
  • killings of Muslims and Dalits,
  • liquor bans, declaring all who ask questions of the government as anti-national,
  • banning books and movies,
  • support of ‘Godmen’ like Asaram and Ram Rahim against the rule of law,
  • ‘Ram-mandir’ agenda,
  • attempts to change History (taught to students) and Science
  • and nonsense talks of Pakistan (during Gujarat elections) and ‘Shamshan’ (during UP elections).
Corruption and Black Money

Through electoral bonds scheme Modi has legalized flow of black money into BJP coffers. The recent incidents like Rafael deal and Nirav Modi have shown that Modi is no different from Congress as regards corruption and black money.


The above are enough reasons for me to not give Modi another chance. I do not see a unifying face or an ideology to counter Modi. This is a problem which the politicians have to resolve. India can’t afford to give Modi another term to ruin the country further & hope that a better alternative would be apparent by 2024 because I agree with Keynes in that, “In the long run we are all dead!”

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