Modi-Muslims-Say Onething & Do Another!

Muslims in Fear?

Modi has asked his MPs to make attempts to reach out to the minorities who have been living in an “imaginary fear”.

News Reports

1. In a brutal incident in Madhya Pradesh’s Seoni on May 22, self-proclaimed cow vigilantes allegedly thrashed three Muslims, including a woman, over ‘suspicion’ that they were carrying beef. The victims alleged that they were forced to shout ‘Jai Shree Ram’ slogans. The incident came to light after a video went viral on May 23, the day of election results, where the accused are seen beating the youth with sticks. The accused held the victims to a tree one by one and thrashed them while the people looked on.

2. In another instance reported in Gujarat, a mob of 200-300 upper caste people allegedly attacked the house of a dalit couple in Mahuvad village in Padra taluka of Vadodara, after the husband allegedly put up a Facebook post saying that the government does not permit the village temple to be used for dalit wedding ceremonies.

3. A 25-year-old man has alleged that on Saturday night, he was attacked and then forced to say “Jai Shri Ram” while on his way home after offering namaz at a mosque.

My Comments

Modi has historically been lying. He has no reasons to change his outlook. What he said in the parliament is trash. The truth is that these attackers will be becoming BJP MPs & MLAs in the future like Pragya Thakur.

Logic: Reward Theory

A person will repeat the behaviour which gets rewarded is a simple concept of psychology. By getting Muslims killed, Modi became PM & by getting more killed he was re-elected PM. He has no reason to change this pattern of action. We know what Pragya Thakur did. Since Indians have elected her an MP these recent killers also expect to be rewarded similarly by Indian society.

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1 Comment

  1. Democracy seems to be on stake from the way names of cities are being changed to focus on only one faith, the way beef banning has been put in front again has a direct connection with faith system of one group. The ‘rulers’ (since now they are ruling and not serving) need to realize that India has other group of people too who demands equality. We cannot teach our upcoming children to be liberal if they keep observing such incidents in our society. The priority has been shifted from governance to faith pampering.

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