Analysis of Honest Modi Speech on 22 Dec

Analysis of Honest Modi Speech on 22 Dec

PM Modi, addressed the nation from Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on 22 Dec. The salient features of his speech along with my analysis are given in this blog.

Salient Features of Honest Modi’s Speech

  • Statement: Opposition and ‘Urban Naxals’ are behind the violence in the name of anti-CAA protests.
  • Comments: The recent protests are not organized by the opposition political parties or Congress. The protests are leaderless and are a popular uprising against Modi’s ruinous policies, like demonetisation, GST, abrogation of Article-370, massive corruption, ruined economy, unemployment, ruined institutions, and an autocratic manner of running India in which there are only two true ‘desh-bhakts’, Modi & Shah and anyone who disagrees with them is anti-national. CAA was the trigger which has initiated the popular uprising. Majority of the protests have been non-violent. Protests have turned violent primarily in BJP governed states (it gives reasons to believe that there is an attempt to discredit the protesters by Modi).
  • Statement: Praised Police for the good work.
  • Comments: The same police which did nothing against the violent lawyers in Delhi attacked and battered innocent students in Jamia College on orders (apparently from Shah) has angered not just India but the world. PM Modi had identified the violent protesters from their clothes even before they had committed an offence. Such prejudice from a PM may be unique to Modi & India.15 Muslim have been shot dead by the UP Police. Police statements that bullets have not been fired by them are apparent lies. Police behaviour in BJP ruled states has apparently been partisan and not praiseworthy.
  • Statement: A rumour is being spread that all Muslims will be sent to detention centres. It’s a lie
  • .
  • Comments: If this rumour is being spread then it is definitely a lie.
  • Statement: Unity in diversity is India’s speciality.
  • Comments: Absolutely true. I read this in school & believed it. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and a host of other freedom fighters gave their lives in building a secular India. This secular fibre is under attack through Modi led RSS policies of ‘Hindutva’ & creation of Hindu-Rashtra & CAA-NRC exercise is apparently in pursuance of this agenda.
  • Statement: CAA doesn’t apply to any Indian, be it Hindu or Muslim.
  • Comments: The statement is absolutely true. The concern is not for CAA alone but CAA cum NRC. The twin can be used to nullify the citizenship of some of the people residing in India, particularly Muslims. This is a genuine fear of Muslims. The NRC exercise conducted in Assam brought out the immense waste of public money (over Rs 1400 crore) and immense losses to the poor in trying to arrange documents, run after officials, waste time & effort & even die for this stupid exercise, which has been denounced by even the Assam state BJP and there is a demand for fresh NRC in Assam.
  • Statement: There was no immediate plan to conduct NRC and government was being falsely accused of the imagined loss and harm it would cause.
  • Comments: NRC has been put on the back burner by Modi now after coming under pressure of the demonstrations. Shah has been claiming that NRC exercise would be completed in India before 2024. This is a major cause of worry, particularly for the Muslims.
  • Statement: Burn effigies of Modi as much as you wish, but don’t burn public properties or vehicles of the poor people.
  • Comments: The point is totally valid. Violence and destruction of property is wrong by anyone. However, Modi has failed to notice the destruction caused by the Police. Please see the videos attached below.
  • Statement: Today Mamata (Banerjee) Didi has reached the UN directly from Kolkata. But until a few years ago, this same Mamta Didi was pleading to stop infiltrators from Bangladesh.
  • Comments: Mamata’s statement is immature and indefensible.
  • Statement: The Congress is upset and desperate at the fact that the government under me is being respected by all prominent Muslim majority nations. Hence, they are dividing the country.
  • Comments: It is a major lie spread by Modi that his personal charisma is responsible for great foreign policy successes. Nations pursue their national interests and foreign policy decisions are a result of that, be it India or Saudi Arabia or Bangladesh. Abrogation of Article 370 and passage of CAA has eroded India’s democratic and secular credentials internationally. The article about Modi as ‘divider in chief’ was published in Time magazine not at the behest of the Congress. Neither is Modi so great and nor is Congress so jealous!

Overall Comments

Modi’s Narrative: The false narrative being sold by Modi to Indians now is that CAA is very good, Constitutionally valid, NRC is not linked to it and government has not given much thought to NRC as yet, very few people have been misguided by the opposition and intellectuals (anti-Modi) like Ramchandra Guha to protest against him while the majority supports Modi and his policies.

Truth: The leaderless masses, fed up with Modi’s handling of the economy, creation of massive unemployment and pursuit of divisive Hindu-Muslim agenda are protesting to force the government to focus on people’s issues rather than Modi’s vote bank and Hindutva agenda.


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