Are We Electing Right People?


Are we electing the right people? Please comment.

Our MPs: Criminals & Crore-Patis!

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Nearly half of the newly-elected Lok Sabha members have criminal charges against them, a 26% increase as compared to 2014, according to the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR).

Of the 539 winning candidates analysed by the ADR, as many as 233 MPs or 43% have criminal charges.

The BJP has 116 MPs or 39% of its winning candidates with criminal cases, followed by 29 MPs (57%) from the Congress, 13 (81%) from the JDU, 10 (43%) from the DMK and nine (41%) from the TMC, the ADR said.

In 2014, 185 Lok Sabha members (34%) had criminal charges and 112 MPs had serious criminal cases against them. In 2009, 162 (nearly 30%) out of the 543 Lok Sabha MPs had criminal charges and 14% had serious criminal charges, it said.

In the new Lok Sabha, nearly 29% of the cases are related to rape, murder, attempt to murder or crime against women, the non-governmental organisation said.

“There is an increase of 109% [in 2019] in the number of MPs with declared serious criminal cases since 2009,” it said. (


Out of the 521 Sitting MPs analysed, 430 (83 pc) are crorepatis. While 227 of them are from BJP, 37 are from Congress, 29 from AIADMK, among others,”

83% of MPs are crore-patis

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  1. Are you not crorepati, yourself. Do have iota of Idea about the property prices in India now? By the way election affidavit requires candidate to declare all tangible and intangible assets. I may not earn too much as of now but when I will inherit house from my parents when they will be no longer, will I not become crorepati then? I have been reading your answers on quora and only thing I can assess that your are hateful bigot who just spews vile and venom on Prime minister, his party, and anything associated with RW ideology. You just always paint one sided narrative maybe because of too much left leaning. You may have read marx more then your own good. Who am I to show a mirror when you are acting as an ostrich with head buried under ground. Your Hindu bashing, unabated bashing of particular ideology and muslim appeasement agenda won’t work now. Get some life, move out of your echo chamber and don’t be arm chair critic. If you really want to change the system, go out and contribute substantially, we don’t need your one sided opinions. Take a chill pill! Good Day
    P.S. I’m not a Bhakt as you people call us, btw even if you call me one, IDGAF to your views.

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