Arnab, Modi’s Attack Dog Arrested

Over 95 percent of media has been suppressed in Modi misrule of 6 years. There are a large number of lapdog media and lapdog journalists. Arnab was the leader of the lapdogs and I would like to call him Modi’s attack dog. He has contributed the most in promoting Modi’s agenda. No wonder practically the entire Ministers (Modi sycophants, except guys like Gadkari and Rajnath) have jumped in support of Arnab.

Thankfully for me, I have among the people who read what I write, a large number of Modi supporters who need evidence against whatever I write which is critical of our extremely poor government but do not need any evidence against anyone else in India, because that job is done more than adequately by the lapdog media and Modi’s IT Cell that dominates Facebook and WhatsApp.

Evidence: Arnab: Modi’s Attack dog

Let me give few pieces of evidence to prove the ‘Modi’s attack dog’ tag that I have given to Arnab:

  • “Tukde-tukde Gang” This term, so loved by Modi and his ministers who promote the divisive agenda, was coined by Arnab. This term has been used against all critics of Modi who have rightly criticized his misdeeds. This is one of the biggest fake news of India. I would request the reader to read the references given below. I am sure for this creation alone Arnab would have received several crores.
  • CAA & Anti-CAA Protests. Arnab promoted Modi’s agenda of painting all anti-CAA protestors as anti-national. Please read/listen to the references.
  • Total Support for Unplanned Lockdown. He supported the unplanned lockdown which ruined our economy and did not benefit much in fighting COVID-19. How much regard Modi has for the COVID precautions can be gauged from his political rallies.
  • Migrant Labourers Coverage during Lockdown. He suggested that the migrant labourers were deliberately misguided by some opposition members.
  • Palghar Kiliings. Arnab tried to promote the idea that Muslims or Sonia were responsible for the Palghar killings.
  • Support Modi’s Agenda of Attacking Thakre Government.

o   He did so through the Palghar killings.

o   He did so during the migrant labourers’ crisis.

o   He tried his best to suggest involvement of Thakre government in the death of Sushant.

  • Tabhliqi Jamaat. Arnab promoted the idea that Muslims of Tabhliqi Jamaat were most responsible for the spread of Corona in India. The judgment on the subject proved the falsehood of this divisive agenda of Modi spread by Arnab. Read the references below.

 Arrest Apparently Incorrect

Whatever the track record, the present arrest indicates political vindictiveness. The case was closed by Fadnavis government because no BJP member or supporter gets investigated in the present Modi misrule. The case against Arnab of abetment of suicide is genuine but the timing of the arrest, the drama of the arrest indicate political vindictiveness and I denounce this. Just because Modi has been framing numerous critics of his government in false cases does not legitimise actions of Maharashtra Police. I do not believe Maharashtra government’s claim that the arrest is not politically motivated.

Views on Noise by Modi’s Ministers

The noise being made by Modi’s ministers and BJP members and particularly the blackest sheep Yogi are laughable because they have no ethical right to call this act undemocratic because not since Indira has India witnessed such trampling of democracy and muzzling of the media in India as in Modi’s misrule.

Overall Views

Arnab’s arrest is good for India. If he is kept in jail for long, Modi will have lost one big agent promoting his dirty political agenda.  It would also be a warning for other Modi lapdogs in the media and scare them into doing better journalism.


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