Assessment of People in Public Life and SSB Assessment!

Assessment of People in Public Life and SSB Assessment!

When Modi’s tweet about 100% electrification of villages in India made headlines, then I was not happy but went to verify the authenticity of this statement on youtube.  When I read Bhalla stating that in 2017 1.5 crore jobs were created I did not even read the details of the editorial, because I already know that it is usual for Bhalla to quote some figures to convey lies. When Congress got after Salman  Khurshid  for stating the truth about Congress in the past having been responsible for the killings of Muslims it was the expected response of an organization which has a culture of sycophancy and criticism of the past is unacceptable.
From the above discussion we conclude that:

  • Modi government lies and promotes lies.
  • Congressmen are sycophants and cannot accept criticism of their leaders.

Just like the public draws inferences SSB assessors also make inferences based on consistent evidence. Let me explain:

SSB Assessment

SSB aspirants tend to feel that SSB assessment is a highly complex issue. It is not so. It actually is quite a simple method. I will discuss an example of interview of Candidate A. His PIQ form shows that he had 80% marks in 10th, 56% marks in 12th, then dropped one year to prepare for IIT, showed no improvement and did BTech (Mechanical) in 5 years with 15 backlogs. He then got a job in the IT Sector, 2 years after completion of degree. Please read the questions and answers:

  • Question: Why your percentage dropped in 12th?
  • Answer: My mother had been ill & I had to do a lot of work at home as father was busy during exams hence I could not concentrate.
  • Question: Why after spending one year in coaching at Kota you could not qualify in IIT?
  • Answer: I worked very hard and cleared my basic concepts of Physics and Math but fell ill during the exams and hence unfortunately could not clear.
  • Question: Which concepts of Physics you became clear in during your stay at Kota?
  • Answer: IC engines.
  • Question: Can you explain the differences between a diesel and petrol engine.
  • Answer: I am sorry sir! I knew all these very well, but since I have been working in the IT Sector for the past one year I have forgotten.
  • Question: Why it took you 5 years to complete your degree?
  • Answer: Since I joined late it was difficult to cope with the first semester and I got a large number of backlogs; then I had a hand fracture during my third year and missed crucial classes. Unfortunately it took me one year extra.
  • Question: What did you do for two years after completion of your degree?
  • Answer: I did not want to work in the field of Mechanical Engineering and I wanted to get into government service. I prepared for UPSC and CDS in the two years.
  • Question: When you studied for UPSC which subject did you like?
  • Answer: I liked Economics.
  • Question: Can you tell me whether India has a balanced/surplus /deficit budget/
  • Answer: India has a balanced budget because expenditure has to be balanced with the revenue.
  • Question: I had read that the fiscal deficit target for the year is 3.5% of the GDP. What does it mean?
  • Answer: These are complicated things which I don’t know.


From the above questions and answers it is quite apparent that Candidate A is an incompetent liar. Just like the discerning public can assess the truth about people in public life through their consistent behavior the assessors can assess the candidates based on their consistent performance! It is quite simple!

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