Ayodhya Verdict: Future?

Ayodhya Verdict: Future?

The Supreme Court has announced the final verdict on this long-standing dispute. Hindus get to make the temple & Muslims have been given land to construct a mosque elsewhere.

My Views

  • I welcome the judgement and hope that it will put an end to this long political drama begun by Advani (Kamandal politics) as a counter to the Mandal politics of VP Singh, which caused large amount of violence and deaths, divided the Indian society and brought BJP to rule the country under Vajpayee for some time and has given a second tenure to PM Modi. Apparently it signals an end of Hindutva Politics & now the government will have to focus on economy & jobs.
  • The judgement is appreciable in that it has been accepted by most and no violence has occurred in India.
  • PM Modi has welcomed the judgement & spoken about staying united and moving ahead. This is very good coming from a PM who has thrived on divisive politics.
  • As to whether the judgement is fair and impartial I will reserve my comments.

What Would be Good for Future?

It would be good for India if the following things happen:

  • Muslims accept the verdict and the 5-acre land & not challenge the judgement.
  • In the spirit of genuine fairness and the secular spirit of India, the case for the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 be moved fast and the criminals responsible for the crime be convicted and put in jail before some of the main accused die because of old age.
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