Comparing Congress; Modi Corruption Models

Comparing Congress & Modi Corruption Models

Chotu is an intelligent friend. I value his knowledge & understanding of things in general. I was surprised to realize that he genuinely believed that Modi is honest. It gave me reasons to believe that there will be many others sharing his outlook. For his benefit & the benefit of so many others I am writing this blog. Modi’s model of corruption is different from Congress and hence probably people get confused. I will explain this with a fictitious example of dairy run by Congress & that by Modi.

Congress Run Dairy

Dairy has the following persons & other influential personalities:

  1. Minister.
  2. Manager & assistant manager.
  3. 5 staff members.
  4. 10 security staff.
  5. 20 persons for milking, bathing & grooming the animals.
  6. Important persons outside the dairy:
    1. Minister’s family members.
    1. Laboratory for testing milk.
    1. Government agencies involved complaints, food, pollution, prevention of cruelty to animals, etc.

Explanation of Congress’ Model of Corruption

  1. Minister & family will be provided free milk, butter, cream, cheese & so on.
  2. Manager & assistant manager will also get free milk & other milk products.
  3. The 35 staff members will also get some free milk.
  4. The important laboratory staff & other agencies will also get some milk & milk products to behave favourably.
  5. The quantity of milk & milk products sold would be approximately double or slightly more than double the total milk produced. The increase in quantity would be obtained by adulteration.
  6. From the profit earned cuts would be taken by the minister, manager & assistant manager in descending order. Thus greater the adulteration, greater is the profit earned by these people.
  7. This corruption model keeps all the agencies involved happy because each person is benefitting.
  8. The public suffers because of this corruption.
  9. All the agencies involved treat this corruption as entitlement & not corruption because the minister spent money to get elected & others paid bribes to tend the illegal money generating appointments.

Explanation of Modi’s Model of Corruption

Modi will say that there is a lot of corruption created by Congress and he will clean up the system. He will terminate this dairy by starving it & bring Ambani in the sector. Ambani will get loan from a Public Sector bank which he does not have to return. He will provide milk which is as bad as that of the PSU dairy or may be slightly better. As a quid pro quo, Ambani will have to provide the following to Modi:

  1. Buy electoral bonds of BJP.
  2. Provide monetary & material support for elections, buying MPs, MLAs & whatever else Modi needs.
  3. Ambani makes greater profit because he does not have to pay even the minister or any other agency because any complaint against him would be settled by Modi himself.
  4. There is a problem in this style of corruption because it reduces the incentives of ministers and even BJP workers because their scope for making black money and misusing power is greatly reduced. Of course, if they do make some money on the sly then Modi will save them. The problem for these people is that Ambani has no incentive to bribe them because he is directly bribing Modi. A perceived problem is that the Modi model of corruption will cause his own party-men to revolt some day because professional politicians enter politics to make black money and misuse power & not to serve the nation.


Please understand the difference between Modi’s corruption model and Congress’ corruption model. Both are corrupt. We are a corrupt society & we get the leaders that we deserve!

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