Cost of Incompetence of Modi-Shah to India

Modi-Shah are destroying India. COVID-19 has adversely impacted the whole world, including India. The impact of COVID-19 on India is that the rate of India’s ruin has been accelerated. Modi-Shah are destroying and would have destroyed India in any case.

Explanation: Modi-Shah Ruin of Economy in 6 Years Prior to COVID-19

The great impact of Modi-Shah on India’s economy has been something like this:

· Demonetization: The negative impact on the economy has been about Rs 8 lac crore.

· Ill planned GST: The negative impact on the economy has been about Rs 2 lac crore.

· Shutdown of Kashmir: The negative impact on the economy has been about Rs 1 lac crore.

· Divisive agenda, CAA-NRC, cow politics & promotion of mob lynching: The negative impact on the economy has been about Rs 1 lac crore.

· Massive corruption, false propaganda, elections & incompetent policies: The negative impact on the economy has been about Rs 10 lac crore.

Modi-Shah Ruin of Economy Connected to COVID-19

The economic impact of the ill-conceived lock-down, creation of uncertainty, fear, unemployment, termination of MSMEs & all sectors would be approximately Rs 10 lac crore.

Total Economic Impact of Modi-Shah

The economic impact of India’s experiment with Hindutva politics has cost India approximately Rs 22 lac crore in 6 years. We have been having a deteriorating growth rate for the last eight quarters. If we add the impact of COVID-19 & we get a total negative impact of approximately Rs 32 lac crore.

Scenario in India without Modi-Shah

If Modi-Shah had not been in power in India, & a usual corrupt & inefficient government (Congress) had been in power then India would have benefited by approximately:

·  Rs 22 lac crore in 6 years (by not incurring the losses caused due to Modi-Shah).

· The loss due to COVID-19 would have been reduced by about Rs 2 lac crore.

Scenario in India if Kejriwal had been PM

If someone like Kejriwal (much less corrupt & far more competent) had been the PM then things would have been like this:

· Rs 40 lac crore addition in GDP in 6 years compared to Modi-Shah misrule. Moreover, he would have invested in health care & education much more & India’s ability to tackle COVID-19 would have been far better.

· The loss due to COVID-19 would have been about Rs 5 lac crore & India would have got back on track much faster.

Not Understanding the Math?

If you are finding it difficult to understand the above Math then please ask our FM to explain it over 10 days.


Please elect people sensibly & then demand performance by asking them the right questions. The fact that we have a PM who has not answered one question in 6 years is a joke on Indian democracy!

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  1. Righty said Sir.
    The Hindutva aganda of current government is leading India in delimma.
    Better thing would be that if current govt. Would realise there mistake and wrong agenda.
    What if muslim would see india as a islamic country, sikh would see as sikh country buddhist would see as buddhist country……Modi and Sahaji has No answer to it.

  2. We have only considered the economic aspect, the psychological aspect of divisive politics will be very negative in the long run.
    We earned democracy in 60 yrs and BJP injecting hypocrisy for 6 years
    Would like to hear from you the probable solutions, my inclination is towards Kejriwal but he has denied national politics since past couple of yrs

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