Counter Arguments to ‘Modi Bhakts’

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Counter Arguments to ‘Modi Bhakts’

Since the stupidity of demonetization inflicted upon India I have been often writing against Modi and mobilizing opinion against him. Invariably I receive counter arguments to my ideas. In this blog I want to counter the counter- arguments posed by ‘Modi Bhakts’.

Blame Historical Misdeeds of Congress

Please don’t talk about the historical misdeeds of the Congress.  Congress was punished for the misdeeds by the public and got voted out. It is history now. Please answer for the falsehood and sins of Modi since 2014!

Gujarat Killings of Muslims Justified because of Sikhs Killings in Delhi

Rajiv Gandhi sinned by promoting the killings of Sikhs in Delhi. Modi sinned by overseeing the killings of Muslims in Gujarat. Unfortunately both got away.  Both sinned against the Indian public and the Constitution.  Please don’t discuss this today the public wants to move on!

Why I don’t talk about Modi’s Good Deeds?

I am asked as to why I don’t write about Modi’s good deeds like Direct transfer benefit and attraction of FDI. This is my answer:
Modi is using the maximum possible money and resources for self-promotion through limited truth and maximum falsehood.  I see his holistic contribution to India as negative and hence I have no reason to promote his limited good deeds!

Modi is Promoting Divisive Politics, Vajpayee Did Not

Modi is promoting divisive politics, increasing communal hatred, alienating Kashmiris and has increased cross border violence with Pakistan, causing increased suffering to border and LoC residents. Neither Vajpayee nor Congress did so. We want continuation of the assimilative and ‘unity in diversity’ culture of India, and not ‘sword and trident brandishing criminals’ on ‘Ram Navmi’ and encounter killings of Muslim criminals and pardoning of Hindu criminals. We want fair rule of law.

Eroding Institutions & Democracy

Modi government is not NDA government. It is the government of two and a half men ( 1 Modi+ 1 Shah + ½ Jaitley).  The erosion of democracy and institutions under Modi is only comparable to the dark history of Indira. Indians punished her. Sadly the alternative we voted then could not survive. Thankfully ‘Modi Bhakts’ don’t justify this but do keep reminding us of Emergency. Modi poses the single biggest threat to democracy!

Why Cheering for Pakistan Cricket Team is Anti- National?

I was an Imaran Khan (fast bowler & not politician) fan. I was happy when Pakistan won the World Cup under him. Any Indian can have similar feelings for other Pakistani players. Why should cheering for Pakistani players be considered anti-national? It is not equivalent to cheering Pakistan Army during war with India? Such ideas only promote divisive politics.

Why Opposing Modi’s Policies is Anti-national?

 ‘My idea of India’ is not congruent with the idea of India which RSS and Modi have. I prefer the Constitution to ‘Manusmriti’ & am convinced that Darwin was more sensible than RSS leaders. I oppose a lot of Modi’s  policies. On this subject we can keep arguing but when you give up rationality and resort to misbehavior/violence as in the JNU/Kanhiya Kumar- case and the case of Gurmehar Kaur being trolled , opposing “Padmavati”, killing  & threatening journalists it shows you as undemocratic, lacking respect for the rule of law and Constituion and lacking ability to reason.

I like democracy & freedom of speech & hence I want Modi out.


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  1. Your arguments against Modi Bhakti are very much required at this time. I have bookmarked this site and will keep following it.

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