COVID-19 Propaganda Politics

You will all remember that when your young classmate was caught cheating by the teacher, the first thing he said was that someone else was also cheating. Trump, the most powerful man in the world is no different from that cheat. In this blog I have discussed the Global propaganda politics on COVID-19, naturally with special focus on India.

Chinese/WHO Conspiracy Theory

Trump has been blaming China & WHO for inaction on Corona virus & there are people promoting a great conspiracy theory. Trump is not the only one doing this. There are a large number of politicians in the world doing this. I am no fan of China but I request sane people not to believe this nonsense because it is being done to only cover up for their failures. I am happy to note that Indian politicians have not done this at least.

Modi’s Dirty Communal Politics

·       Through the dirty communal politics RSS/ BJP have managed to convince a large number of gullible Hindus that Corona has been spread in India by Muslims.

·       In most of North India we are witnessing separation of Hindu & Muslim fruit & vegetable vendors. This is a consequence of Modi’s divisive politics.

Modi’s Dirty Politics on Maharashtra

Kerala and Maharashtra governments are doing good work in COVID-19, definitely much better than the Centre or BJP run governments in MP or Gujarat. Modi’s IT Cell and guys like Sambit Patra, & Arnab (propaganda) Goswami are promoting communal politics in the Bandra & Palghar incidents. Please do not believe this nonsense because Modi’s agenda is similar to Trump.


People of the world & Indians should realize that all fake conspiracy theories are created to divert attention from own incompetence by politicians. Trump has proved to be incompetent in that he did not initiate action in time to counter COVID-19 resulting in the situation getting out of control in the US.

Similarly, Modi rated his selfish political motives above national interests, examples: focus on Trump’s visit in Feb & toppling of MP government rather than imposing a planned lockdown earlier. The lockdown was imposed without any planning or consultation resulting in numerous hardships to the masses. The divisive and dirty politics are being played by him to divert attention from his incompetence.

Indians should focus on pressurizing the government to perform. The best actions for Modi to do at present are:

·       Release funds to the states immediately. Release ration stocks of the FCI to the states immediately.

·       Stop interfering in the functioning of the states. The CMs, including Yogi are apparently more competent than him.

·       Stop making money on petrol and diesel & allow consumers, whose incomes are badly hit to at least benefit from the low global oil prices, particularly the rabi crop harvesting farmers.

·       Modi should learn rather late in life how to run a democracy. He should stop all unilateral actions and take decisions for future in consultation with the states and the opposition. The ideas given by Chidambram & Rahul Gandhi are far better than what Modi has been doing.

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