COVID-19: What a Good Government Should Have Done?

We are hearing criticism of Modi’s actions from various sources and invariable support from numerous Modi-bhakts & paid media. I have not read or heard about an action plan which should have been effected to counter COVID-19. By comparing the ground actions with the plan explained below, you can assess the performance of our government.

15 Feb: All Party Meeting

The government should have held an all-party meeting in mid-Feb to discuss an action plan to counter the threat of COVID-19.

Following Major Points Would Have Emerged & Been Approved

· An all-party action team at the centre would have been created. It would have taken the best brains of India to tackle the medical and economic crises.

· India is too big a country to have one standard order for all. Lockdowns should have been ordered specific location wise by the states.

· Vulnerable industries should have been closed down.

·  The battle against COVID-19 would have to be fought at the state level. Centre should have provided the following support:

· Immediately clear all GST dues of the states.

· Provide economic support to all the industries so that not a single worker got laid off for 4 months & was paid a salary of 50% where there was no work. Centre is not there to just collect GST but also to help industry during crisis.

· Wherever labourers wanted to go back home, they should have been supported, if required, through special trains from major urban centres to UP, Bihar, MP, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh & Orissa, the major poor states supplying migrant labourers to reach home before 01 Apr.

· Rural areas should have had no lockdown. All agricultural activities should have continued with precautions.

· Liquor manufacture & sale should have continued. It makes economic sense.

· The country should have begun gearing up to fight the threat by preparing the medical infrastructure & begun tests, isolation and treatment by first week of March. Approximately one lac crore should have been allotted for this. All these tasks should also have been done at the state level.

· Defence Forces should have been utilized to help in food distribution to the needy.

· All slums would have been tested on priority and help provided in terms of food & money. The dwellers would have been allowed to continue limited economic activity.

· Allocation for MGNREGA would have been increased by Rs 50,000 crore.

· An Urban Employment Guarantee Ordinance (UEGA) would have been brought in for one year with a budget of Rs one lac crore to provide employment to urban labour in infrastructure projects.

Daily & Weekly Meetings

Daily & weekly meetings would have been held, with suitable attendance to ensure plans are implemented smoothly and any unforeseen contingencies are tackled on priority.

Financial Implications

· The centre would have not had to spend more than Rs 4 lakh crore to tide over the crisis. It would have entailed borrowing as well as printing of money. The country would have got back on track by mid-Jun.

· The Rs 20000 crore Central Vista program and plan to buy Rs 8000 crore worth of aircrafts for the PM would have been put on hold indefinitely.

· No PM CARES fund would have been created.

·  Government expenditure on media would have been terminated for 2 years.

· Defence procurements would have been put on hold.

· The benefit of the lowered cost of petrol & diesel would have been passed to the consumers, in a time like this when incomes would have reduced.

· MGNREGA & UEGA would have given money in the hands of the poor & the projects undertaken would have generated growth by creating the multiplier effect. Thus demand creation as well as GDP growth would have been achieved.

Some Major Political Actions

· There would have been no “Namaste Trump”.

· There would have been no toppling of MP government in March. It could have been done after Sep 20.

· Politicians would have been seen genuinely helping the medical staff, the poor and the needy in the country.

·  There would have been no Hindu-Muslim debates on media.


Democracy is a great way of running states and countries. I wish we understood the spirit of democracy and worked accordingly. An infantry battalion is not a democratic setup. If a battalion has to undertake an operation, we do the following:

·  Create a broad plan for the operation.

·  Hold a conference to allocate & explain the responsibilities.

·  Provide whatever help that is needed by the subordinates to help them accomplish the task well.

· Incorporate changes, if any, in the plan based on suggestions from the subordinates.

·  Rehearse actions to resolve any unforeseen bottle-necks.

·  Remain alive to anything not going okay once the operation has begun and make all efforts to restore the situation.

Unfortunately, we as a nation, are witnessing a mass exodus of migrant labourers walking long distances without help or hope. We are presenting some confusing long term plans for industries & farmers & not realizing that the crisis is now!

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  1. How the Modi government is helping poor people deal with Covid-19??
    Emergency measure:-
    Following the widespread outbreak of coronavirus in India, the country has gone on lockdown to combat the virus – a move that has led to disruption across economic strata. To help combat this, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced the following measures.
    Relief package:-
    A relief package worth Rs 1.7 lakh crore has been earmarked for the needy and will be disbursed as the government sees fit.
    The relief package will cover close to 80 crore people, ensuring their safety during the lockdown and for however more it might extend.
    The Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojana will give the people covered under it five kg of rice/wheat for three months.
    Included in this fund is insurance cover for people working in healthcare, with each worker getting a Rs 50 lakh insurance cover for the next three months.
    According to a survey over 93% trust Modi govt will handle Covid-19 crisis well.

    • Do you see the plight of the migrant labourers? Railways have the capacity to transport all of them in 3-4 days. Why it is not being used? Don’t fall for false propaganda. Open your eyes & ears & learn the truth. The survey you are quoting is trash.

  2. Sorry for interruption sir I am a defence aspirant and I am a unpaid student of you I have not paid you any fee because I am not capable
    For paying your fee and i am preparing just by reading your blog on every topic
    And following your instructions
    But I am commenting on the blog because I am a responsible Indian citizen too.
    So Respectfully I want to say that you talk about various aspects of government planning to fight with economic crises and Covid-19
    That’s fine but I want to remind you sir on one point you said that we are busy in “hindu Muslim ” debate
    Sir please think for a minute
    If government take action on these activities
    Then people start talking that government puts restrictions on “constitutional rights and fundamental rights “(Freedom of speech)
    I know that now we are facing most horrible stages of pandemic but
    As a indian citizen it’s time to stand with our government
    In fight with this horrible pandemic and economic crisis
    After getting out from this problem we have more time to talk about these aspects.
    So it’s time to stand with our P.M. and our country
    Without any contradictions.
    Jai hind jai bharat ?

    • You are free to have your views & thanks for expressing them. The truth is that Modi’s contribution in dividing India has been immense. Arnab is his biggest propaganda stooge. Religious profiling of COVID-19 affected patients was done on Modi’s orders. We have to stand by our PM but if we do not question his intent & competence, we get the India in which we are living today. By blind support to Modi you are contributing to India’s downfall.

  3. Is 5kg rice/wheat enough for one month?
    As you said Some Financial Measure by FM, has it survived the purpose, question yourself?
    If it has, then still on this date 22-05-2020 migration of labours still going on?
    Any accountability for PM cares fund, how it is spent?

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