Delhi Elections: Analysis

Delhi Elections: Analysis

I congratulate Delhi citizens for choosing the politics of development over the politics of hatred promoted by Modi. In this blog I have analyzed as to what the victory of Kejriwal over Modi means for Delhi & India.

Lighter (Stupid Side)

Ram versus Bajrang Bali

Modi has been promoting the use of words, “Jai Sri Ram” as a battle cry & call for violence against Muslims and all his opponents. During the dirtiest ever election campaign witnessed in Delhi, Kejriwal recited the “Hanuman Chalisa” & somehow AAP workers countered shouts of “Jai Sri Ram” with, “Jai Bajrang Bali”. It is a sad joke for India that in 2021 elections are being fought on such stupid battle cries.

EVM Button to Pass Current

Our honourable HM made a stupid statement about pressing the EVM button so hard that the current affects Shaheen Bagh to make the elections Hindu versus Muslim. After the Delhi elections some people are saying that Delhi citizens pressed the button so hard that Modi-Shah got the current!

Good Things for Delhi

  • Kejriwal has won the election on performance and good governance. He will have to continue the same for the betterment of Delhi. Thus, people of Delhi have chosen a better future.
  • Modi-Shah have won only 8 seats. This implies that Modi’s representatives in Delhi assembly, whose objective would be to prevent Kejriwal from working effectively would only have minimal nuisance value.

Good Things for India

  • Modi may be forced to focus on the economy & development till 2024 & reduce the focus on divisive politics.
  • Thus, India may see some improvement in the economy, job creation & reduction in rural distress, things which India badly needs.


Delhi election results are very good for India & I hope that Modi-Shah learn good lessons from it and start focusing on genuine issues rather than focusing on “divide & rule”.

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