Delhi Violence: Answer these Questions & You will Realise Truth

Delhi Violence: Answer Questions & You will Realise Truth

About Delhi violence a lot of confusion is being created. If you answer the below given questions you will get answers yourself.

  1. What is the reason to consider the protests against CAA & NRC anti-national?
  2. Who was Anurag Thakur calling anti-national?
  3. Does Modi personify the spirit of India?
  4. Is opposing Modi’s divisive policies anti-India?
  5. Are identities of Indians only either Hindu-Muslim or something more?
  6. Do riots happen spontaneously or are they created by politicians?
  7. Who stands to benefit from this religious, divisive politics?
  8. Should the BJP politicians inciting violence had not been arrested?
  9. It is popularly believed that if Police has the will then violence can be stopped within 24 hours. Why this was not done?
  10. Why was Army not called in to control the situation within 48 hours or more Police called?
  11. Why Tahir and Ankit are focus of attention & other names are not being talked by the media?
  12. Who mobilized the mobs who came from outside to carry out the attacks?
  13. Why numerous Masjids were destroyed but not a single temple in the violence?
  14. If JNU criminals had been arrested will the Delhi attackers attacked with impunity?
  15. Why these criminals destroyed schools?
  16. Why Police did not respond to distress calls?
  17. Is there a similarity between 2002 Gujarat violence in which Hindus were given a free hand supported by Police & the Delhi violence?
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