Do You Want This India?

Do You Want This India?

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The India we are living in today has the salient characteristics:

  • Mob lynchings of Muslims with the tacit support of the government.
  • Muzzling of the media to prevent people from knowing the truth & promotion of false pro-government propaganda.
  • Modi-Shah combine considering themselves as not answerable to the people or even their own party persons.
  • Legalisation of flow of black money to BJP funds through electoral bonds scheme.
  • Sad state of farmers & unemployed youths.
  • Minimal focus on education & health.

Modi’s Victory Formula

Modi-Shah are focused on winning the next elections by the following formula:

  • Spread of divisive and hate politics & ‘Hindutva’ agenda.
  • Issues like ‘Ram mandir’, ‘cow-politics’ & removal of Article 370.
  • Talking about weaknesses of opposition leaders and past misdeeds of other parties, particularly Congress.

What We Should Understand?

  • Congress in the past indulged in major misdeeds like “Emergency” under Indira, killings of Sikhs in 1984 under Rajiv & massive corruption all through. The public does not condone any of the above misdeeds. 
  • The past & recent misdeeds of the Congress and the opposition do not give sanction to Modi-Shah to continue with their misdeeds. 
  • If we re-elect Modi in 2019 then he will have India’s sanction to accentuate the  above stated misdeeds. 
Please Decide!

Please decide what type of India you want?

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