Don’t Read Nonsense of Modi and Rahul!

Don’t Read Nonsense of Modi and Rahul!

Modi and Rahul are busy talking trash in view of Karnataka elections. I request visitors to No Frills Academy not to read any of this nonsense being covered in the media. The truth is:

  • Modi has run an inefficient and divisive government at the Centre.
  • Congress has run an inefficient and corrupt government in Karnataka.
  • Both are busy pointing fingers at each other and lack the courage to discuss their respective performance.

Please read things of greater value for your own good!

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  1. Sir! Thanks to say about Modi and Rahul.
    Nowadays i am posted in Karnataka for election duty.
    Yesterday Modi came in Gadaj Karnataka and infect i was there.
    He openly said that you all member of Karnataka contribute to BJP Govt.
    He was saying that congress increase crime and corruption buy we are not.
    I was open many schemes to help poor peoples but he had not done anything.
    Or many points are said by him.
    They was given nonsense speech and want to become successful in Karnataka.

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