Gogoi Becomes MP

Gogoi Becomes MP

We Indians are having a serious problem. We raise points from the perspective of benefits to Modi, Kejriwal, Congress & so on. This approach of ours is leading India to downfall at a fast pace. We should raise questions as to whether the action is in the interests of India or not. I will answer as to the impact of Ranjan Gogoi’s nomination on India:

  • Impact on Citizens in General. Citizens now know that the top judges can be expected, just like the politicians, to rate their personal selfish interests above justice and fairness, a job which the Indian citizens expected them to do & was their constitutional responsibility. In short the faith in judiciary has reduced. Judiciary will be expected to favour the government above justice. Numerous such examples are in public domain. Habeas corpus cases in Kashmir, electoral bonds, Rafale, Justice Loya’s death, removal of CBI head at midnight, are just a few examples which come to my mind.
  • Impact on Judiciary. The credibility of the entire judiciary has been eroded.
  • Modi Government or Other Governments. Elected governments know that they can obtain judgments which will benefit them as follows:
    • Serious criminals belonging to the government or their supporters need not fear persecution. Examples: Perpetrators of violence inflicted upon Jamia & JNU students & Hindu killers of Muslims in UP, Pragya Thakur & Maya Kodnani.
    • Corrupt BJP politicians and supporters need not fear justice and continue their corrupt practices with impunity.

Impact on India

The impact on India is only negative and there is nothing positive for India. No sane person who is concerned about India’s national interests should celebrate Gogoi becoming an MP.

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