Good & Bad Sources of News

Good & Bad Sources

of News

India PP facing a serious crisis of misinformation. The primary cause of this is PM Modi’s propaganda which is taken as news by a lot of non- discerning people, including my students. This blog has been written to guide my students to follow authentic sources of information.

Understand Sources of Falsehood

India is undergoing one of its worst economic crises. The proof of truth versus falsehood is given below:

Evidence that Present Indian Ministers Are More Likely to be Spreading Falsehood than Truth

Evidence that Indian Economy is in Slump & Going Down Further

I have just given some samples to prove that government is focused on spreading false propaganda and a massive section of the media has been bought to spread the falsehood. To know the state of the propaganda spreading media please read this report:

Recommended News Sources

 I recommend the following sources of information:

English News Papers

  • The Indian Express.
  • The Hindu.

Hindi News Papers

I do not know any.

News Channels TV/Internet English/Hindi

  • NDTV.
  • The Quint.
  • The Wire.
  • The Lallantop.
  • The Print.
  • Shekhar Gupta’s, “Cut the Clutter”.
  • Prasun Bajpai.
  • Dhruv Rathee.
  • Vinod Dua.
  • Ravish Kumar.

Rajya Sabha TV

Abhisar Sharma at News Click

  • Raghuram Rajan on Indian economy.
  • Manmohan Singh on Indian economy.
  • Amaratya Sen on Indian economy.
  • Subramanian on Indian economy.
  • Swaminathan on Indian economy.
  • Abhijeet Banerjee on Indian economy.

Other Source


Whatever You do, Please Don’t Listen to These!

The biggest spreaders of false propaganda are:

  • WhatsApp shares generated by Modi’s IT Cell. The favourite themes of which are:
    • Projecting Modi’s greatness.
    • Lampooning all opposition leaders.
    • Spread falsehood about all respected people who criticise the government.
    • Keep focus on Hindu-Muslim & India-Pakistan.
  • Times Now.
  • Republic TV.
  • Zee News.
  • Anyone from the government on Indian economy except Bibek Debroy & definitely not PM Modi, Seetharaman or Anurag Thakur.
  • Do not listen to the present RBI Governor on economy because he knows so little that I have not even made the effort to remember the name of this history scholar converted into banker because of his flexible spine rather than knowledge of economics.


No PM in Indian history spoke as much lies as Modi does. In his autocratic regime criticism is to be tackled with false propaganda, misuse of CBI, ED & Police. Over 95% of the media is packed with falsehood. I request people to please start differentiating the truth from the false propaganda. Knowing the truth is very important to take decisions in life, including who to vote in the next elections.

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