Gurmehar & MoS for Home, Rijiju

Gurmehar & MoS for Home, Rijiju

In Feb 2017 Gurmehar was in news for her views on ABVP. In a question on I had given an answer which was read by many and adversely commented on by a large number. This was my answer on the subject:

I am a retired Army Officer. I have heard Gurmehar & MoS for Home, Rijiju on the recent issue in news ( in Feb 2017).

My views:

  • Gurmehar is an intelligent and mature 20 year old girl.
  • Rijiju is an immature MoS for Home whose intellect is below that of a 20 year old!
  • Gurmehar has to be definitely hated by all senior BJP politicians because she has, without saying a word, united the DU, educationists and discerning youth of the country against ABVP and consequently the BJP, something which Rahul, Lalu, Nitish, Mamata and Akhilesh, etc could not do despite all their efforts!

Views on the Comments Received

  • My reasons to support Gurmehar: Her act is neither anti-national nor anti-Army. She is promoting peace between India & Pakistan. This is good. Vajpayee, Manmohan & Modi also tried to promote peace. Probably the majority in Pakistan too want peace. It is the selfish agenda of Islamic fundamentalists & Pakistani Army which prevents peace. They are the real enemies of India as well as Pakistan!

The comments received can be categorized in two groups. One group agreed with my views. The other, pro-BJP & ABVP group expressed in essence the following views:

  • They felt sad at my poor intellect and understanding and tried to educate me. Some even felt sad that I had been a selector at SSB or even an officer in the Indian Army!
  • They pretended to have great knowledge of issues, (the knowledge of which is not in public domain & which I seriously doubt! ), which include details about Gurmehar’s late father as also how she has been misguided. They are so convinced about these issues as if they witnessed how her father had died in the operation and how Barkha Dutt and AAP indoctrinated poor Gurmehar (convinced like Rijiju that she is incapable of having an independent brain and ideas!).

My Counter Questions to People Opposing Gurmehar & Supporting Rijiju:

  • State what is wrong in Gurmehar’s view?
  • State what is sensible and mature about Rijiju’s statements on the subject?
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