How to Join BJP IT Cell?

How to Join BJP IT Cell?

Chitranshu Tomar, a self proclaimed common man has written a very insightful, though sarcastic answer on how to join BJP IT cell on Quora.

His Answer:

BJP spends much of its money on social media, while there is no report about how much money BJP is giving to their online social media nationalist and patriots? But one thing is sure they are getting enough money so that they don’t feel guilty while spreading hatred in India.
But the real problem is not BJP IT Cell but it is their followers. Followers have lost their analytical thinking.
How can you join BJP IT Cell?
You must be unemployed, and you must devote all of your time on Facebook, Whats app, Twitter etc to follow troll pages.
Qualifications required for joining BJP IT Cell

  1. You must be fluent in abusing. This is the most important point. No compromise on this point.
  2. You should be illiterate in most of the cases, unfortunately if you are intelligent then you must be novice in politics and social studies.
  3. You must follow Hindutva, keep in mind the problem of all evils is Muslims, Dalits, Christians, etc
  4. When someone counters your views, tell them that they are pro-Pakistani, anti-national, etc
  5. Congress party didn’t do any good thing in last 60 years.
  6. Every BJP IT Cell followers must know that Mr. Modi is a messiah of India.
  7. Unemployment, GDP, Non Performing Assets are myths only.     

My Comments   

  • The answer is apparently quite true. It reflects the essence of the ideas being promoted by Modi led BJP.     
  • It also shows that the false propaganda and hatred being promoted by Modi is failing to influence people as desired by him. People are realising that people like Prasun Bajpai, Ravish Kumar, Vinod Dua, Yashwant Sinha & Shourie are telling the truth & Modi is lying!
  • God willing 15 Aug 2018 was the last time we heard Modi spread his false propaganda from the Red Fort!       
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