Imagining India without Modi!

Imagining India without Modi!

Minus Modi-Shah I can imagine a much better India in which there would have been:

  • No demonetisation.
  • No great implementation of GST.
  • Article-370 would have been in vogue.
  • No efforts to implement NRC.
  • No electoral bonds.
  • No mob-lynching of Muslims.
  • GDP growth would have been at 8%.
  • Muslims would be eligible to become citizens of India.
  • Internet services would not have been cut in various states.
  • Growth in income of politicians, criminals, Ambani & Adani wouldn’t have been so exponential.
  • Government institutions may have not increased fee drastically.
  • Less communal hate.
  • We could freely criticise and abuse government for its bad policies without being called anti national and anti Hindu.
  • Security Forces would be used to safeguard Indian citizens and not Modi’s idea of India. Please listen to this:

India would have been much better without these two great saviours of ‘Hindu Rashtra.’

When history will be written after 50 years, Akbar would still be called great & Modi would figure in a small note along with Muhammad bin Tughlaq or Aurangzeb.

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