Say Cheers to Corruption Till 2024!

Say Cheers to Corruption Till 2024!

Anna Hazare led agitation had made corruption a big issue in the 2014 general elections. A major reason for the defeat of Sonia-Manmohan government was corruption. Today corruption no longer seems to be an election issue and I do not think that it will be for the next five years. It is sad for India but I am confident that my prophecy will be true. In this blog I have analysed the subject.

Modi/ BJP Are Corrupt

It surprised me recently to learn that a lot of Indians believe that Modi & BJP are not corrupt. Of course a lot of Indians also think that the stupidity of “Demonetisation” was a great act against black money. I do not blame them, after all the FM has been stating so. BJP is definitely corrupt. Let me clarify this in brief.

Evidence of BJP’s Corruption
  • Biggest recipient of political funding which is more black than white. According to report released by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) on Wednesday, in 2015-16, the BJP raised 80.7 percent of its total income from unknown sources. To put it in actual numbers, the BJP’s total declared income was Rs 570.86 crore. Out of its total income, the BJP collected Rs 460.78 crore from unknown sources.
  • Massive amount of money being used for election rallies, propaganda, buying votes/MLAs etc.
  • Electoral Bond Scheme to Legalise Flow of Black Money to BJP. Please read this quote: “The electoral bond route is nothing short of legalizing money laundering. The move would add to opacity in electoral funding rather than increasing transparency. It is regressive,” said Sitaram Yechury. Yechury added that the donor, recipient and the amount – three vital aspects – were each to remain unknown, or known only to the government. “Given the track record of the government unleashing state agencies on political rivals and their supporters, no corporate house will make donations to opposition parties. They all will be fearful that their businesses would be targeted,” said Congress spokesperson, Manish Tewari.
  • No legislation has been brought to bring political parties under the ambit of the RTI Act.
  • Rafale deal.
  • The undue support to Ambani, Adani & other corporate houses. The running away of Mallaya, Modi & Choksi.

If BJP Continues in Power Corruption Will Remain

From the above discussion it will be clear that if BJP led coalition comes to power then corruption will continue. It may only get accentuated because Modi will have reason to believe that people have voted him to power despite his corrupt credentials.

Proven Corrupt DNA of Congress

Congress has been historically corrupt. We all remember ‘Bofors’ & the numerous scams under Sonia-Manmohan before 2014. The corrupt Congress leaders are still very much in powerful positions in the Congress.

Rahul Incompetent to Change Congress’ DNA

Rahul has not held any position in the government ever. He has only held positions in the Congress party. He may or may not be corrupt but he is too incompetent to change the Congress’ DNA. It will be very safe to assume that old Congressmen would continue their corrupt business as usual because they have no reason to mend their ways.

Lalu, Mulayam, Mayawati & Others

The credentials of leaders other than BJP & Congress like Lalu, Mulayam, Mayawati & others & their extended families have been involved with some or the other corruption case. Others who are in the reckoning have been involved with at least some kind of corruption in their career. Interestingly only Lalu has been convicted for corruption. It is important to note that his conviction has not affected his popularity at all. The most probable reason for this is that people feel that he has been victimized although others too are corrupt. Indians in general do not bother much about such allegations, despite believing them to be true.

Judiciary, Bureaucracy, Police, Corporate & Other Institutions

Let me not go into the details of the reputation of the judiciary, bureaucracy, police, corporate & other institutions. Indians are generally aware of their role in indulging/promoting or supporting corruption.

Situation in 2019

Whoever gets to form the government in 2019, whether Congress led or BJP led it is clear that it will come with a past record of corruption. Since it would have been elected by the people despite the corrupt credentials it will be able to pursue corrupt practices boldly.
With the top leadership in 2019 having established corrupt credentials the following is anticipated:

  • Increased corruption at the top.
  • Increase in politician-bureaucrat connivance in corruption.
  • If BJP comes back to power media will stop reporting corruption & those who report will be either eliminated or jailed.
  • CVC & CBI will become totally defunct.
  • RTI act will be repealed or become defunct.
  • People will resign to live with corruption & we may never again have a movement like that started by Anna Hazare.

Say Cheers to Corruption Till 2024!

From the above analysis it is clear that we Indians should say cheers to corruption till 2024!

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