Indian Political Scenario

Indian Political Scenario

We recently saw Delhi elections. I did not feel happy that Kejriwal won; it was a relief that a party of criminals led by Modi-Shah-Yogi was defeated. It was sad to note that, just the way I think, people found Congress to be useless. I share my views on the political scenario today. It has become more relevant to write this because journalism is practically dead in India and my students may not get these views elsewhere.

Modi-Shah-Yogi Defeat: Essential to the Idea of India

In India at present the judiciary, media, police and election commission are either defunct or part of Modi (mafia) government. The level of political discourse led by the government: “Goli maro —-“, calling the elected CM as a terrorist by a minister, calling genuine women protestors at Shaheen Bagh as Pakistanis was atrocious. The only election issue left for Modi-Shah is “Hindu-Muslim”. This was the experiment being tested in Delhi. Hence the defeat of this experiment by the (mafia) government by Delhi citizens was a relief.

Modi-Shah at War with Indians

We are witnessing a strange mafia government, aided by a non-independent judiciary which is at war with the people and using the state machinery to attack dissent with great vigour. Examples:

  • Locking up of ex CMs and numerous others in Kashmir.
  • Actions taken in Kashmir resulting in an economic loss of over Rs 2000 crore.
  • Attacking and killing Muslims through Police in Muzaffarnagar & Bijnor.
  • Hounding Kabeel Khan, Lavasa, Kanhaiya Kumar, students at JNU, Jamia and AMU.

Useless Congress

The Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka Congress, a family led private company is so useless that rightly Delhities did not elect even one MLA from this party.

Relief for Delhi that Kejriwal Exists

It is a relief for Delhi that an ordinary person like Kejriwal exists in Delhi & happens to be the CM & people re-elected him. Had it probably been Parliamentary elections then, “Goli maro —” may have won. This idea is scaring for India.

Kejriwal is Ordinary

AAP did decent work. This is what any government must do. The true assessment is that Kejriwal did about 1.5 years work in 5 years in Delhi. Since India is used to such useless governments that Kejriwal appears great. Sad, but true!

Kejriwal’s Lack of Courage & Principles

Kejriwal’s lack of courage is proved by the following:

  • Not standing by the protestors of Shaheen Bagh.
  • Taking help of Bajrang Bali to fight “Jai Sri Ram”.
  • Inability to keep people with principles and courage with him like, Yogendra Yadav & Prashant Bhushan.
  • Giving tickets to unprincipled defectors.

Unfortunately, Kejriwal Looks Great!

The kind of politicians we have today is such that Kejriwal looks great in comparison.

Overall Assessment of Indian Political Scene

  • It is a tragedy for India that no one has the courage to stand up for Muslims. These Muslims chose to stay with India, have fought wars for India & numerous of them are far bigger nationalists than the pseudo nationalists like Yogi & Pragya.
  • No politician has the courage to stand up for the rights of Kashmiris and the Kashmiri politicians in illegal detention.
  • Had it not been for an ordinary guy like Kejriwal, Modi-Shah would have won in Delhi.
  • Indians can no longer bank on the judiciary for justice & people have to fight their own wars.
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