Is Modi Misleading India?

Is Modi Misleading India?

The nation is facing serious problems. Common sense suggests that the leaders of the nation should focus on solving those problems. What is common sense for me or for a lot of people may not make common sense for the leaders, particularly when continuance in power is the prime agenda & not national interests. Let us analyze the priorities of Modi and the problems of the country to assess as to whether India is being properly led or being misled?

Major Problems of India (As I See)

  • Growth & Unemployment. There is acute problem of unemployment and GDP growth has slowed down. Since the government is accepting this so I expect that even Modi-bhakts are accepting this as true. Pulwama & Balakote were neither more important than these issues before election nor are they now. I do not expect Modi bhakts to believe that former Modi’s economic advisor, Subramanian’s analysis about the acute crisis in the economy is correct since he has done that from Harvard. Our ‘desi’ analysts like Bibek Debroy have trashed the analysis. Still the fact is that there is an economic and employment crisis.

Please read the report:

  • Water Crisis. Please read this report: India genuinely has a water crisis.
  • Iran Oil. With Trump created tension between US & Iran India will have to spend more to buy oil or think of some alternatives.
  • Farmers’ Crisis & Impending Drought. Please read this report: India is facing agricultural crisis and threatened by impending drought.
  • Children’s Deaths in Bihar. Please read this report: The deaths of children in Bihar are a national tragedy. India should debate this crisis in health care.
  • AN32 Crash. Please read this report:

The crash of AN-32 was a tragedy. I do not expect Modi to be concerned because this crash (cheque) cannot be encashed at the election counter.

  • Trump’s Removal of GSP. Please read this report: India’s economy, particularly exports will be affected by Trump’s removal of GSP.

Modi’s Priorities

The parliament is focused on the following issues:

  • One nation one election.
  • Triple “Talaaq”.

My Question

I request the visitors of the page or website to please tell me whether my understanding of India’s problems is wrong or is Modi misleading the nation?

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  1. Sir our PM Modi is misleading the nation. But people are not ready to accept this, they thinks that modi is the best in the world. Modi and his cabinet is playing with the nation and they just show patriotism from inside and they are worst from inside. Our nation is facing serious problems and they are not worried about the nation.

  2. The NDA government in their 2014-2019 tenure focused mainly on BPL or deprived sections of the society and improving international contracts. This government launched ATAL BHUJAL yojana ( water conservation scheme) to tackle depleting underground water crisis in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra,Haryana,U.P, M.P, Rajasthan. This government focused on female empowerment by launching several schemes like POSHAN ABHIYAN, JANANI SURAKSHA YOJANA etc. It is a fact that no government can provide 100% employment in government job so this government promoted entrepreneurship and research setups by launching schemes like GIAN(Global initiative for academic network), READY yojana, PM MUDRA , KAUSHAL VIKAS , STRIVE SCHEME etc. ATAL tinkering labs established in universities of higher learning (IITs etc) for research. So basically NDA government in its previous tenure focused on BPL/poor people, research , improving international presence, 10% reservation for EWS category. We are yet to see what this government will do in the employment section apart from promoting entrepreneurship.
    P.S – Iam not a bhakt , I know all this because Iam preparing for civil services.

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