JNU: 05 Jan (Truth which will Never Emerge)

JNU: 05 Jan (Truth which will Never Emerge)

Please do not believe the falsehood being spread by the government or press conference of the Delhi Police. The logical inferred story (which government will try to hide, just as it was done in Gujarat in 2002) is given below. Maybe after 5 years of a scam inquiry (at a tremendous waste of tax-payers money) a clean chit will be given to the VC and Delhi Police praised for doing a great job (Something like the clean-chit to Modi by Nanavati).

  • HM Shah ordered the entire episode. He would have assured the criminals that nothing would happen to them. He may have boasted about the example of a much bigger such operation that had been organized in the past in Gujarat in 2002 when the BJP was not as powerful. Since today it is so powerful it can actually get away with even murder.
  • The VC, JNU security, ABVP students of JNU, other criminals associated with RSS/BJP & Delhi Police were involved in executing the plan.
  • The criminals, an assorted mixture (with ABVP students of JNU as guides) would have been given a time of 2-3 hours to do the targeted beating.
  • The JNU security and Delhi Police played their role in ensuring the secure entry & exit to the criminals and proved their loyalty to the government and not the Constitution. They will definitely benefit in their careers.

Comments on VC & Delhi Police

People in powerful official positions in the world in general and even more so in India pursue narrow selfish interests above their supposed loyalty to the principles of justice, fairness, ethics and Constitutional propriety. JNU VC & Delhi Police are a latest shining example of this.

Question for Readers

Can such an act occur in any mature democracy and more importantly the culprits get away (as they definitely will)?

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