JNU Assaulted by Shah’s Criminals

JNU Assaulted by Shah’s Criminals

JNU is in Delhi. JNU has produced competent people. The idea of JNU promotes debate and discussion and respects dissent. The idea of JNU is in accordance with the idea of India as envisaged by the leaders who laid the foundations of Indian democracy. These people were Gandhi, Nehru & Patel.


  • Shah in a speech stated that the “tukde-tukde gang” must be taught a lesson. The “Tukde-tukde gang” itself is a big falsehood created by Modi-stooge Arnab Goswami.
  • JNU was assaulted by a group of masked, weapon wielding criminals.
  • The VC did not seek Police help.
  • The Police reached but made no efforts to prevent the violence inflicted by the group. None of the security guards of JNU, nor the Police did anything to check the violence and the Police also allowed these masked criminals a free hand to assault the students and teachers and to go away. None of them was arrested.
  • Delhi Police is controlled by Shah.
  • Incidents of violence on the anti-CAA & NRC protests have occurred only in the BJP ruled states.
  • Modi is set to lose the elections in Delhi to Kejriwal. Kejriwal as CM has performed better than all CMs in India as regards education, health-care, grant of free electricity and water & also managed Delhi’s economy well. On the other hand, Modi has ruined India’s economy, increased unemployment & poverty.

Try Answering Some Questions

  • A crime is committed with a motive. Who had the motive to commit this violence?
  • Could a group of militant Muslims have done this?
  • Could a group of Dalits have done it?
  • Could a group of Hindu-militants, like the ones who have lynched Muslims or killed Inspector Subodh Kumar have done it?
  • Why were the JNU security, Delhi Police and the VC complicit in the misdeed?
  • Why not even one criminal could be apprehended or identified. Was this possible without the directions of Shah?
  • Are Advani & Joshi still alive ?

Logical Inferences

  • Shah was responsible for this act of violence and the spineless VC and Police were complicit in this act.
  • Modi-Shah want to spread the false narrative that left thinking JNU students are against India and anti-national and enemies to be attacked. The brain-washed, masked criminals definitely believed this to be true or were paid adequately by Shah to believe so.
  • Creation of Hindu-Muslim divide or creation of an enemy & then attacking it is the major election winning strategy of Modi-Shah. To support this strategy Modi has finished all institutions, including the judiciary and developed immense propaganda muscle, including almost 98% of the main-stream media. Modi is trying this strategy to win the Delhi elections.

What Delhi People & Students Should Do?

  • Delhi citizens should think of their better future and that seems safest in the hands of Kejriwal.
  • Students in India should continue the protests against the unconstitutional CAA-NRC & save Indian democracy. Students seem to be the last hope because all other institutions and the opposition have let down India.

Last Word

I am proud of Deepika Padukone. She has shown some heart & conscience. Let me not comment on Akshay Kumar, the great interviewer.

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  1. 1.There are 2 parties who may have the motive behind this violance
    (a). The hindutva backed group or so called brainwashed modi bhakt , who didn’t like how JNU was becoming a safe-heaven for protest against BJP IDIOLOGY and it’s policy
    (B).The so called tukde tukde gang or communist party leader of JNU ,who see Anti-CAA protest a chace to create a anti-incumbency movement and as the Anti-CAA protest was calming down all this was done to give some boost to their protest.
    2. I don’t see any involvement of dalit and muslim militants , unless some of them have a motive to create anarchy.
    3. VC and police have the responsibility to provide safety to its students and citizens respectively, which both of them failed to do , which somehow indicates their involvement in all this.
    Finally let’s see what comes in CBI. inquiry and hope the perpetrators will get what they really deserve.

  2. Amazing analysis and clear fact finding. Beyond doubts, divisive politics and creation of a false dragon is the tactics used by Modi Shah Duo for all elections.
    Muslims and Hindus are arms of the same body called India and have no reason to hate each other.
    JNU is one of the finest universities too.

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