Kunal Kamra Contempt Case

The Supreme Court would do well not to proceed with the case against Kunal Kamra. Kunal has done a good job by stating the facts in his tweets. The Attorney Journal has done greater service to the nation by giving his consent to initiate proceedings against Kunal and thereby giving great publicity to the facts about the partial behaviour of the judiciary in general and the Supreme Court in particular.

I thank Kunal for doing good work. I am his fan.

I thank the Attorney Journal for unintentionally doing a great job!

By the way, just read this report which was not considered as contempt of court. In my view this incident meets the exact definition of holding the court in contempt. On second thoughts I feel that my understanding of English is not as good as the judges (we do not have to address them as “your honour or your lordship” anymore & very rightly so!)

Report about BJP UP Minister, Mukut Bihari Verma:


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