Lies Modi Told Me!

Lies Modi Told Me!

There was an award winning 1975 Canadian movie, “Lies My Father Told Me”. The amount of lies that Modi tells India through the government machinery, his WhatsApp University, bought media and of course through his direct speeches is tremendous. This movie has inspired me to start this series of blogs: “Lies Modi Told Me”.

Modi lies about uncomfortable facts/ hides them or denies them. Since Modi does it so often that it will be easy to keep adding to this series.

Big Lies in Last Two Days (Nov 18-19)

  • Stone Pelting. Government said in Parliament that stone pelting has decreased since abrogation of Article-370 from J&K. The data brings out that this is false, as most Modi claims are. Please read this:
  • Consumption Expenditure. Government found the report on the consumption expenditure survey uncomfortable brought out by the Indian Statistical System and decided to scarp it, just like it had denied the report on unemployment reaching the 45 year high in Modi’s misrule before the May 19 elections and accepting it after winning the elections. According to reports, the latest consumption expenditure survey shows that real household consumption fell by 3.7 per cent, to Rs 1,446 in 2017-18, from Rs 1,501 in 2011-12. As household expenditure accounts for a significant share of the economy, this data is at odds with official data which shows that the economy grew at 7.2 per cent in 2017-18 (a point that Subramanian, the former economic advisor, stated was probably false). One possible explanation could be that as these surveys provide greater insight into the informal economy, these numbers, along with the unemployment data, suggest that the informal economy bore the brunt of both demonetisation and GST, which the high-frequency indicators, which largely capture the formal economy, were unable to reflect more accurately. The decision to reject this report has several implications. For one, it implies that there will not be an estimate of poverty for 2017-18. Now, after the last survey in 2011-12, it was widely expected that absolute poverty in India would have declined significantly. But the results of the survey, which show that rural consumption actually declined between 2011-12 and 2017-18, challenge this notion. Please read this report:

Just an Unrelated Point

“Satyameva Jayate” is the national moto since 26 Jan 1950. I think it is time to change our moto to: “Jhootmeva Jayate”. It will also be a historic contribution of PM Modi to India.

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