Modi Created CBI Crisis

Blog Updated on 09 Jan
The Supreme Court proved the illegality of Modi’s act. Cheers to Judiciary, Constitution & Democracy. Thumbs down to Modi-Shah-Jaitley.

Modi Created CBI Crisis

During one term as PM, Modi has undermined the institutions of India considerably, namely RBI, universities, Election Commission and made a efforts to undermine the Judiciary.

CBI Crisis

CBI crisis had been in the making for quite sometime. Posting and promoting Asthana was Modi’s agenda to subvert the CBI. Forcibly sending Alok Verma on leave is an illegal act which the government is trying to defend through illogical jargon being communicated by Jaitley. Such a decision should have been taken jointly by the PM, opposition leader & the Chief Justice.

CBI has always been used as a political tool to threaten/ harass political opponents and allow corrupt businessmen/bureaucrats/ politicians to escape by all governments.

The ‘caged parrot’ term used for CBI by Justice Lodha during Sonia-Manmohan misrule was most apt.

Removal Reasons

It is a matter of conjecture as to what was the reason for the midnight action. The government’s argument that the unprecedented situation of infighting between Verma & Asthana required such an action in national interest is incredulous.

Apparently the action was taken to prevent Verma from acting independently & to save Asthana, who is a known Modi loyalist.


Thankfully for India, we have a Chief Justice who is likely to foil the government’s illegal efforts as was done recently in the illegal act of the Governor of Karnataka in inviting the BJP to form a government and giving them 15 days to buy MLAs to prove the numbers. Verma is likely to be reinstated soon and sense of democracy restored. Modi will get some more egg on his face which in any case he is well used to by now.


It is the lowest point in the history of the CBI which has in any case low credibility.

It is a low point for the Modi government because of the blatantly illegal action & contribution to undermine institutions. Moreover, it will further add to the mounting evidence of Modi & BJP promoting corruption.

Probably in the future people will not ask for “CBI inquires” because it would become common belief that CBI is a biased institution & not fair & impartial. It is sad for India!

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