Modi Led BJP is Corrupt?

Modi Led BJP is Corrupt?

It surprised me recently to learn that a lot of Indians believe that Modi & BJP are not corrupt. Of course a lot of Indians also think that “Demonetisation” was a great act against black money. BJP is definitely corrupt. Please read on:

Evidence of Corruption

  • Biggest recipient of political funding which is more black than white. According to report released by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) on Wednesday, in 2015-16, the BJP raised 80.7 percent of its total income from unknown sources. To put it in actual numbers, the BJP’s total declared income was Rs 570.86 crore. Out of its total income, the BJP collected Rs 460.78 crore from unknown sources.
    • Link:
  • Massive amount of money being used for election rallies, propaganda, buying votes/MLAs etc.
  • Electoral Bond Scheme to Legalise Flow of Black Money to BJP. Please read this quote: “The electoral bond route is nothing short of legalizing money laundering. The move would add to opacity in electoral funding rather than increasing transparency. It is regressive,” said Sitaram Yechury. Yechury added that the donor, recipient and the amount – three vital aspects – were each to remain unknown, or known only to the government. “Given the track record of the government unleashing state agencies on political rivals and their supporters, no corporate house will make donations to opposition parties. They all will be fearful that their businesses would be targeted,” said Congress spokesperson, Manish Tewari.
    • Link: Electoral bonds – boon or bane for India? | DW | 12.02.2018 –
    • This scheme has legalised flow of black money into BJP funds. It is not possible to obtain information about the sources of funds through RTI. Please listen to this:

PMO Took No Action on List of Wilful Defaulters Given by Raghuram Rajan

  • No legislation has been brought to bring political parties under the ambit of the RTI Act.
  • Rafale deal.
  • The undue support to Ambani, Adani & other corporates. The running away of Mallaya, Modi & Choksi.


Do you still think that Modi & BJP are clean?

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  1. Thanks for the information. Modi and his govt is certainly very corrupt. Worst pm worst govt till date. Destroyed 60 years of hardwork of previous govts in just 6 years.

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