Most Corrupt?

Most Corrupt?

India is a corrupt society. Since the 1980s most of the Indian governments have been corrupt. Please analyze and decide as to which has been the most corrupt government till date. Please illustrate your answer with examples.

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  1. Your statement is baseless and highly prejudice and i can also say it is a naive statement,but as article 19 of our indian constitution gives ourselves freedom of speech and expression you can say whatever you want.
    I will not go too long into this bcoz as i said it is factually wrong statement but still for you sir,
    1.In 1980s our GDP was 20000 crore (approx.) now in 2019 it is 2.1 lacs crore,so there is consistent growth from then till now.
    2 In 1980 our Life expectancy was 53 and now it is 70.
    3.P.V narsimha rao govt.,Atal bihari vajpayee govt. was considered best period as said by many people(i dont want to give any factual detail on this bcoz as you are a learned man you can understand why i said these are considered as best govt.) AND unfortunatenly their period was in between 1980s to 2019.
    4 In 1980s our Forex reserve was $7 Billion and now it is $405 Billion.
    and with this one can say India is developing.
    IF YOU WANT I CAN GIVE AS MUCH POINTS AS YOU WANT.But i have some better stuffs to do.

    • Mr. Pseudo Intellectual You seem to know that you don’t understand the difference between Corruption and Development.These are two different term which you try to connect with your little intellect to prove your points.
      For ex.
      1 Bofors deal in 1980s.
      2.Failure of Financial machinery due to many reason in 1991 and one of them is corruption.
      3.Short tenure of Janata dal (3 times in 1990s).samajwadi janta party(223 days),Bharatiya janta party(16 days).These failure of government machinery is simply due to corruption.
      4.Fodder scam by Lalu prasad yadav.
      5.2G scam,wakf board land scam,Telgi scam,Coalgate scam,Commonwealth games scam,Satyam scam.
      Now what do you call them Corruption or development.
      I can also give you many points,but first try to put your facts correctly and at right place.

    • I asked a question about corruption. The answer is probably to some other question or you have not understood the question. Anyway, thanks for writing a long reply!

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