Motion of No Confidence: Reflection of Indian Society

Motion of No Confidence: Reflection of Indian Society

Indian Parliament recently witnessed a motion of no confidence against the Modi government. The defeat of the motion was known before hand. It gave opportunity to Modi as well as opposition parties to claim victory in various ways, generated media and public attention. For me it was a true reflection of Indian society, the good, the bad and the laughable. Please read on.

Colossal Waste of Time

When it was known that the motion would be defeated before hand the reason for bringing it was not to make the government fall but something else. The agenda was to draw public attention to the perceived mis-governance, which the largely pro-government media and massive government propaganda had obscured.
Wasting time, talking in a round about manner, not coming to the point are common Indian traits. Thus our elected representatives took great interest in this exercise which was overall a waste of time. Effectiveness, efficiency, productivity are unfortunately, not traditional Indian traits. 

Opposition: Disorganised

The numerous speakers of the opposition presented their respective concerns. Rahul took upon the mantle of presenting the concerns at the national level. Thus not all the major questions which the public should get answers to were not raised. Example:

  • Electoral Bond Scheme of the government has legalised flow of black money into BJP funds. This major point was not raised by anyone.

Indian society is just like the opposition: disorganised and lacks focus and hence likely to miss out important issues in life.

Style Over Substance

Rahul took 40 min to cover the points which could have been done in 10 min. He used terms like, “Jumla strike”. Modi took almost two hours to speak what could have been done in in less than 10 min. He replied to questions which were not asked (surgical strike), indulged in propaganda like in an election speech ( which did not answer any question) and chose not to answer difficult questions. 
Both Rahul & Modi indulged in plenty of dramatics. True to our Indianness the “hug” got more coverage than “demonetisation”.
Indian Arts stream students traditionally write answers with deliberate aim to increase the length by writing irrelevant stuff. We evade difficult questions routinely & if we have done something well we keep talking about it even when not asked. How Indian are Rahul & Modi!

Overall a Joke!

This entire exercise apart from a colossal waste of time at the expense of tax payers money can be termed as a joke. We Indians lack sense of humour and hence if I call this “Motion of No Confidence” a joke then I will be trolled because how dare I state the truth and hurt Indian sentiments! Please share your comments freely!

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