Musings Post Gujarat Elections

Musings Post Gujarat Elections

I am asked by several students as to why I am a Modi baiter? Let me clarify. I am not against Modi. I was his enthusiastic supporter in 2014 and will vote for him reluctantly in 2019. Post the Gujarat elections certain things have emerged. Let me share my views about the political future of India.

No ‘Congress-Mukt’ India

With the strong performance of Congress in Gujarat and the acquittal of the accused in the 2G Scam Modi’s dream of creating a ‘Congress-Mukt’ India may not come true in the next 15-20 years.

No Doubling of farmer’s Income

Rural population has realized that the promise of Modi’s government to double the farmers’ income in six years, made in 2014 was nonsense. BJP is definitely a pro-urban and pro-industry party and farmers will suffer under Modi’s rule.

Gujarat Development Model: Only Propaganda

The much hyped ‘Gujarat Development Model’ which was a major factor in making Modi the PM was actually nothing but propaganda.

No: “Sabka-sath-sabka-Vikas”

BJP is an anti- Muslim and anti-minority party.  The promise of “Sabka-sath-sabka-Vikas” is false. BJP will continue to focus more and more on divisive politics, nonsense issues like ‘Ram Mandir’ & ‘Gau- Raksha’ for 2019 elections as on the front of growth, development and job creation it has failed.

Insignificance & Insecurity of Muslims

Muslim representation as elected representatives is reducing. BJP is of course against Muslims. Congress also sees no benefit in supporting Muslim issues. The judgment and bill on “Triple Talaq” has set the trend of judicial and parliamentarian interference in Muslim personal laws. Muslim insecurity will rise because they will increasingly lose hope of support in India. There is a need for consolidation of Muslims under able leaders to safeguard their interests.

Corruption: No longer Major Election Issue

Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement brought Kejriwal as the CM of Delhi. The level of corruption at the top level has reduced. Unlike Sonia and family, Modi is not personally corrupt. Use of black money to fund elections has been legalized by the Modi government. Corruption is unlikely to be a major election issue in the future.

BJP will Win in 2019

Despite the poor performance of the Modi government it will win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections because the Congress and other opposition parties do not offer a credible alternative. People have not forgotten Sonia’s most corrupt regime in India’s history. Future elections will witness further lowering of political discourse and use of blatant lies by all politicians led by Modi.

Alternative to Modi

By 2024 India will be fed up of Modi and his lies and false promises, just like India was fed up of the corruption and inaction of Sonia misrule. Congress under Rahul will not be able to offer a credible alternative because he is too incompetent to do so. Moreover he can never get rid of the tag of dynast and corruption-ridden history of Sonia. Nor do I have hope in leaders like Mamata Banerjee or Lalu Prasad.
I am an eternal optimist. When I voted for Modi I knew what he had done to Muslims in Gujarat, but gave him the benefit of doubt that as PM he will focus on development and not divisive politics. I was proved wrong. Now along with India I will have to suffer him till 2024. The farmers of India have to unite under the present state of tremendous rural distress and hardships. From rural India will emerge an energetic new leader who will change the fortune of India after 2024. I do not think that this is wishful thinking because in this ‘Information age’ it is easy for leaders to emerge in a short span of time. It took little time for Kejriwal, Kanhiya  Lal and Hardik Patel to catch the nation’s imagination.  I will be voting for him. “Jai-Kisaan!”

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