Muslim Hater Modi Wins!

Muslim Hater Modi Wins!

Undesirable as per me and not in India’s interest, we are at the threshold of Modi-2 Government. Let us ignore the trash of EVM hacking; it should be accepted that Modi has decimated all opposition. Let us analyze the victory & foresee what the future holds for India.

Reasons for Modi Victory

Long Live Muslim Haters!

Divisive politics has been greatly successful in India. Ideas of Balakot, Pulwama, killing/targeting Muslims are loved by the majority of Indians and hence they love Modi.

Hindus are More Godse less Gandhi!

Majority of Hindus identify more with the ideas of Godse than Gandhi, hence we elected Pragya Thakur and abhor the idea of secularism. This is the reason that even Congress does not talk about secularism. When Modi raised the issue of Rajiv getting Sikhs killed in 1984, Congress refrained from raising the issue of Modi getting Muslims killed in 2002.

False Propaganda Works!

I had thought that it is not possible to fool the masses consistently by non- deliverance on promises but it has worked in India. The masses tend to wrongly believe that Modi is not corrupt and he has tried to improve things.

If Not Modi than Who?

The masses felt that Modi is definitely better than Rahul and all other possible alternatives.

Improvement in Roads, Power generation, Ujjwala Yojna & Housing Scheme

A large number of people were positively influenced by the improvements in roads, power generation, “Ujjwala Yojna” and housing schemes and hence voted for Modi.

Black Money Wins!

Modi’s policy of legalizing flow of black to money to himself through the electoral bonds was very effective in winning the election & would now prove crucial in dislodging the weak state governments in Karnataka & MP within one year. Modi blatantly spoke in an election rally in West Bengal about the prospect of buying MLAs of TMC in the future.

Masses Give a Damn to Ideas of Upholding Constitution, Independence of Institutions and Free Press

In Modi’s 5 year misrule the ideas of upholding of the Constitution, independence of institutions (recent spineless behaviour of the EC during this general elections being a current example) and muzzling of the press were visible. Modi, rightly identified that these are issues for the “Khan Market Gang” and masses give a damn to these issues. Moreover in 1977, India in JP, had a popular mass leader with high moral authority who could mobilize the masses against Indira’s Emergency. Rahul, Mayawati, Mamata & whoever else did not have the moral authority to mobilize a mass movement against Modi’s assault on democracy and the Constitution.

Modi-2 Government

Legitimacy of Modi Government

Considering the deplorable conduct of the EC, I had thought that the legitimacy of Modi-2 government will be in doubt. However, considering the huge victory margin this question will not be asked.

No Good Days

India will not witness good days so there is no reason to be happy for the masses whether you are a Modi supporter or not. If you are focused on the stock market & share holder of Adani & Ambani then it is good news. Modi will have no incentive to solve the farmers’ distress and unemployment problems because the masses prefer Balakot to jobs.

Will India Remain a Democracy?

Pakistan, Russia & Turkey have elections but it is debatable whether they are democracies. These questions will also be asked about India quite often in the next five years.

Politicization of Defence Forces

Appointment of Gen Rawat as the Chief of the Army began the politicization of the Defence Forces. This process will move ahead and all institutions will get politicized under Modi-2. More BJP leaders will talk of “Modi ki Sena” like Ram’s “Vanar Sena” in Indian mythology.

Personal Note

I belong to a minority which was open in airing views critical of the Modi government. It is a sad day for me. I was looking forward to an end of this misrule. It is a sad day for India as well; unfortunately a large number of people do not know it!

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  1. Respected Sir,
    I want to tell you about my own experience that I have faced, I asked one of the local shopkeeper of Pune “Kya Bhaiya kisko jita Rahe ho iss baar?” and the answer he gave was quite funny to me “Abhi tak MODI jaisa bashan dene wala koi nahi hai tab tak MODI ko hi jitaunga”.
    What I personally feel that people of India are not logically thinking and the main reason is the Based Media. Reporters like Abhisar Sharma, Poonya Prasun Bajpai has been debarred from TV channels.

  2. Sad indeed. Majority Indians have always been a bunch of religious bigots and that’s what they have voted for in this government. Hollow claims of ‘development’, ‘surgical strikes’ and the numerous sundry sham yojanas just gave them the excuse to hide their bigotry. The average person really isn’t so bright after all…

  3. Sir you are absolutely right , but I think narendra modi won only because of false propaganda. if we notice how he treats to the journalists. The employee works in it cell abuses journalists who shows the truth. I am seeing that india tv, abp news and zee news , they talk always in the favour of hindus and bjp , rss. They ask modi ji that how do you eat mangoes. And indian are so bhakt that they think modi ji avtar af vishnu. One day I saw that india tv was showing that” yogi hai modi ke hanuman” and represented modi in avtar of vishnu . So I think that media is responsible for the modi success. They show false news propaganda. They show india as a happy country, whole country is living his life as a gold , india is in golden age due to modi, but reality is that india is going down and down. One day will come when India will go so far from development. We will be country where crime rate will be high due to unemployment.

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