On Whose Side Are You?

On Whose Side Are You?

Numerous visitors of my page express views that I am unduly critical of the government & laughably suggest that I should sometimes also praise Modi, just like the paid propaganda media.

Understand my Perspective

We the people of India are the masters of the country in a democracy. Most of us do not realize this fact. We periodically vote governments to run the administration on our behalf. The PM is not a king but a chosen servant of the people. Now equate running of the Indian government with giving of a contract to manage a wedding by the great Indian family. As a family nominee to ensure quality you would like to check whether the quality of food, decoration, service, etc. is good. To do so you would critically examine things. A Quality Control Nominee (QCN) (equitable with the media in the country) would point out the following:

  • Be a critic of the expenses.
  • Be a critic of the quality of service.

Would you expect the QCN (equitable with the media) to do the following?

  • Praise as to what lovely flowers the contractor has bought?
  • Praise the excellence of the potatoes bought?
  • Praise how great was the vegetable cutting?
  • Praise that the soup was served in time?

Assume the QCN does the above stupidities (because he is paid by the contractor) and convinces you again to give contract to the same contractor for the marriage of the second daughter too and then continues to praise the contractor (who provides even worse service, because he is focused primarily on self-promotion & bribing or scaring the quality control nominee & also because he has succeeded in fooling the majority of the family) even further and start a fight with anyone who points out the genuine flaws in the management to improve the quality of service through his numerous paid agents. This is what the paid media is doing today in India along with Modi’s IT Cell & troll army. In the current scenario I am equitable with a concerned family man who is getting a family girl married. I want things to go well for the large family and not be fooled by the contractor. I have understood that the loyalty of the QCN has been bought. What is laughable is that my own family members (equitable with the visitors to my page) criticize me for demanding that the contractor does a good job & not fool us. My question to you critics is:

  • Are you on the side of the family in whose house the wedding is taking place or the contractor?
  • If you have been bought by the contractor then it is fine with me because you have benefited at the expense of the family and are disloyal to the family. Indians are often like that (the present media is disloyal to the Indian family & so also guys like Asthana, Gogoi & so on). If you criticize me without having been paid then are you being loyal to the great Indian family or are being fooled by the contractor? Please think!
  • Our contractor called a similar bigger contractor for mutual promotion and spent over Rs 200 crore of our money on their mutual self-promotion in Feb 20. In Mar 20 lacks of poor  “baratis and gharatis” were taking up to 400 km of march to their villages from cities with no assurance of food, water or even confidence that they will survive this journey. Some small agents of our contractor were even labeling them as culprits. You find this fair? On whose side are you?
  • Once upon a time in our neighbourhood called Pakistan a criminal contractor forcibly assumed the contract to run the country. This guy, Zia-ul-Haq, gave a potent dose of religion and politics to Pakistan. Pakistan has as yet not recovered from this dose. We are taking this religion-nationalism poison at a faster pace than Pakistan & may soon reach a similar situation. We still have time but only a little time. Please think on whose side are you?
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  1. You are absolutely correct!
    The emphasis of the Prime Minister is on the asides and not the functions that he has been elected for; his blind supporters, I also have many acquaintances who also expect me to praise his actions and at least some of the actions, I tell them it is not just about the action or the intervention that he makes but also about what other options were there and why he chose this one; in addition, he has the tendency to sneer at those who are even critical of the way he goes about doing the things.
    He believes that his majoritarian politics will keep fetching him wins and he can do what he wants to and likes to!
    Let’s talk about the current COVID-19 intervention: the options the PM had, and how he went about it:
    1. Why did he choose the intervention covering the entire country instead of the targeted option of covering the select areas, hotspots as these are being termed?
    2. Did he examine the pros and cons of both the ways of going about it?
    3. Did he do the Cost-Benefit analysis of both the options in relation to all the stakeholders, the costs not just the tangible costs but even the intangible one, and did his choice emerge out of this analysis?
    4. What was the necessity to do this at the notice of four-hours unless he was just interested in the encore of Demonetisation? This was especially so when the almost sixty days had elapsed since the COVID-19, it had a different name then, had already hit the world.
    5. Prior to this, he was focused on the visit of the President of the USA when in Motera stadium he collected One lac people sitting jowl to cheeks. Could this not have been postponed by both you and Donald Trump; he too delayed his intervention!
    6. He spoke to the Nation on 20 Mar, instead of asking the Nation to observe Janata Curfew, “Could he not have cautioned/readied the country as also readied the states and his own Govt at the same time?”
    7. Did he see the response of the Nation, full of the servile moron, to his wish/desire, a section sees this as an order, for the Curfew, claps and clanking of plates, as a sanction for putting the entire Nation to what it is going through today?
    8. What happens when the current intervention, which had knocked the bottom of the economy and would shave 2% of the GDP growth of a slowing economy, doesn’t lead to gain in terms of impact on the disease except that the inevitable comes in after a month or so but would even take the villages also down?
    9. What about the hit the life of the daily and even that of others?
    10. What could have happened if the online sellers permitted to operate which would have saved the delivery boys their lives who won’t have returned home, while the better off segment also not suffered?
    11. Sometimes the PM tells in the Science Congress about the Ganesh proving that India had in its past the plastic/reconstructive surgery and then asks for not to be superstitious? Now, in the midst of a crisis, why do you ask the citizens to light a candle, but after switching off the light, at 09.00PM and for only nine minutes?
    12. He has no leader in his party who can open his mouth to him on any issue; so with the dead Opposition and his hold on the majority community, he believes that he and Amit Shah can ride roughshod over the Nation and the citizens will need to lump it!
    This is what he has put through the Nation to!

  2. I am on the side of your views not only because they hurt the people who are being paid for the spread of flammable false news but also your points own the validated fact that they can’t digest easily i.e. the only problem they hate you for this.

  3. I am on the side of your views not only because they hurt the people who are being paid for the spread of flammable false news but also your points own the validated fact that they can’t digest easily i.e. the only problem they hate you for this.

  4. Sir I agree to your Point of view. I’m strange how we Indians are getting fooled.
    Sir now another propaganda is being spread by the baised media that Tablighi Jamaat is responsible for spreading COVID-19 in India.

  5. I totally agree with you sir and the analogy you gave which is a perfect picture of what is happening in the country right now. I really feel pity for the anchors of the new channels , except one the sensible and good one , they are so unqualified to be anchors that they desecrate each and every journalism ethic and just talk non sense without any knowledge of what they are talking and most of it is made up. And the worst part is people believe it and force others also to believe it. We are heading towards a majoritarianism society which is really a scary thing.
    And considering the present situation of the country it can’t get any worse than this and over to that the government is prioritizing other things than what it is supposed to like testing , providing essential kits for medical professionals etc. And our media houses are very much in interested in making this a communal issue and target a particular region because they are asked to do it which will help the present government in winning the next elections.
    All that is happening is just another and improvised version of what is happening in most the middle eastern countries. The only plausible solution to this is a strong opposition.

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