Padmavati Controversy

Padmavati Controversy

 I found the Padmavati controversy laughable. Having this outlook itself brings me in the category of a non-nationalist and pseudo-intellectual as per the RSS & BJP’s perception of nationalist. After all when Modi spoke very proudly about “hard-work” being superior to “Harvard” he was addressing the sentiments of a large number of people who are anti-intellectuals or well-educated. This group includes people like Trump who are trying desperately to prove that his stupidity is superior to the intellect of Obama! Let me not waste your time on lengthy preambles & come to the point straight.

My Views on Padmavati Controversy

Some stupid group is against the screening of the movie. I am not even interested in knowing the name of this group. Politicians of all colors are supporting these fools against India’s constitution. I feel sad and embarrassed that I have elected such promoters of stupid “mobocracy” against the rule of law. If elected CMs continue to show such little respect to the Constitution and display “continued spineless leadership” then perforce the Judiciary will be forced to act to end such stupidity or else we shall continue to witness the subversion of the Constitution as done by Indira during emergency. We will be forced to wonder:

  • Is this democracy?
  • Are these, “Acche din”?
  • Am I proud to be an Indian?


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