Pakistan-Kashmir-Hindustan-Short Crisp Story

In a terror strike India lost security personnel in Kashmir recently. We will lose more. In this blog I have explained the hard facts about Pakistan, Kashmir, Hindu radicals, Modi  & the Indian Army to understand as to what will happen in the future.


In Pakistan Allah (Islamic fundamentalists) & Army call the shots. “Allah- Army” will make all efforts to ensure that they retain the preeminent status in Pakistan. In order to do so they need an enemy & that is India. Pakistan Allah-Army’s false propaganda theme is of a savior of Pakistanis from Hindu India.

Since Pakistan has helped US in brokering a deal with the Taliban recently, US is favourably disposed towards Pakistan at present. Pakistan’s focus from Afghanistan has reduced & it is now in a position to focus greater efforts towards Kashmir.

The other super power in the world, China, is a close ally & has heavily invested in Pakistan & has to safeguard its economic interests in Pakistan.

Thus Pakistan has one super power as a close ally & the other in support today.


In Kashmir democracy has been trampled by Modi government.

The economy of Kashmir has been ruined by Modi’s mis-governance. It is hardly any consolation for the Kashmiris that Modi has ruined India’s economy elsewhere too.

 Kashmiri’s have been let down by the Congress as well as practically the entire opposition because they do not want to lose the Hindu votes.

The last dim ray of hope, which was the judiciary, has also let down the Kashmiris by allowing the trampling of democracy. Kashmiris alienation from the Hindu heartland has increased justifiably.

The frustrated Kashmiri minds are fertile grounds for breeding terrorists.

Indian Army & Security Forces

Indian Army and the security forces can only ensure that the civil administration can function reasonably by suppressing terrorism by killing foreign and Kashmiri militants. Surgical strikes, air strikes & killing of Burhan Wani or any prominent terrorist do not end terrorism but can be used to celebrate nationalism or create a false image in people’s mind that India is winning.  Army is incapable of solving the problem which is a creation of the politicians and can be solved only politically.


Modi has a proven track record of 6 years of misgoverning India in which democracy has been subverted & the economy ruined.

Modi can sustain in power only on two main planks by consolidating Hindu votes. One is the creation of a false internal enemy, that is the Muslims & the other is an external enemy that is Pakistan. It is well suited being a Muslim state. Modi’s false propaganda theme is of a savior of Hindus from these two enemies.

Hindu Radicals

Hindu radicals, the prime constituency of Modi, are apparently in power today. They are the promoters of the lynching of Muslims, provided the cadre for the destruction of Babri Masjid, killings of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 & in Delhi in Feb 2020. Salient characteristics of this population are:

·  Pakistan hatred.

·  Muslim hatred.

·  Want the Kashmir land to be a part of India & not the people of Kashmir.

· They were celebrating the removal of “Triple Talaaq” & abrogation of Article-370.

· Prominent persons of this group are: Yogi, Pragya, Thakur & Arnab & of course Modi & Shah.

Pakistan’s “Allah- Army” & “Modi-Hindu” Radicals

 Pakistan’s “Allah- Army” & Modi-Hindu radicals, both, in falsely advertising themselves as the saviors of Pakistanis & Hindus respectively, are mirror images of each other. Actually both are ruining their respective countries which can benefit immensely by improved trade, transit and cultural relations. We are after all the same people.

Future of Kashmir & Indo-Pak Relations

So long as “Allah-Army” & “Modi- Hindu” radicals continue in power, relations between India & Pakistan will deteriorate, the situation in Kashmir will deteriorate and terrorism in Kashmir will increase. More Kashmiris as well as security personnel will die.


As stated earlier, Army cannot solve the problem. The solution is very difficult to attain but quite simple to understand. Pakistan should get rid of “Allah-Army” & India should get rid of “Modi-Hindu” radicals to start the process of peace. Pakistan’s “Allah-Army” have kept India-Pakistan at war since 1947-48; India has just begun the experiment of Modi & Hindu “rashtra” since 2014!

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