Peace between US and North Korea?

 Peace between US and North Korea?

This is a guest blog by Satyendra.
The recent summit between the USA and North Korea in Singapore, to discuss dismantling of nuclear weapons of North Korea,   can be seen as a positive step to reduce tension not only between the two countries but the world as well. It brought relief to Japan, South Korea as well as China.

Victory for Trump?

The summit can be seen as a victory for Trump because he is the US’ first president who persuaded North Korea to the negotiating table. In case North Korea dismantles the nuclear arsenal and US removes economic sanctions from North Korea it would be great for ensuring long-term sustainable peace.

Mistrust of Trump?

Trump has shown propensity to pull out of past commitments of the US as well change his views suddenly. As a consequence there is considerable reason to doubt as to whether Trump will stand by his commitments in dealing with North Korea and also that Kim will trust him and thus fulfill his side of the commitments. The probability that nothing comes out through the follow-up of the Singapore meet is also fairly high.

Worry for South Korea

Trump’s decision to suspend war games with South Korea has surprised South Korea. Military exercises with the US have helped South Korea to show its strong presence in the Peninsula region and the Pacific Ocean.

Change in Power Status

Trump discussed the prospect of withdrawing 35,000 US troops from South Korea after peace prevails in the Korean Peninsula. It indicates future prospect of peace in the region. It also indicates the withdrawal of US’ military power from the region. This would create space for China to extend its domination in the region.
The vacuum created by US would not be totally filled by China. Japan and South Korea, in order to safeguard their national interests would gradually increase their military power to be in a position to resist potential Chinese threat and thus create a power struggle.
It may also give rise to greater security and economic cooperation between China and other powers in the region. An export oriented economy which China is, it is probable that it opts for security and economic cooperation rather than military domination.

India’s Reaction

India welcomed the historic summit and called it a ‘positive development’. India has always supported efforts to bring peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and diplomacy.


The outcomes of the summit can be seen as positive because it is an important milestone in the advancement of sustainable peace through denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This summit also indicates US’ desire to reduce involvement from the Asian region.

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