Please Read “Panch Parmeshwar “ !

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Please Read “Panch Parmeshwar “ !

Premchand wrote “Panch Parmeshwar” in the Twentieth Century. The essence of the story is that when a person is assigned the responsibility of pronouncing judgment he listens to his voice of conscience and pronounces fair and impartial judgment. Stories written at a particular time are a reflection of the contemporary society. I feel Indian society has regressed rather than progressed as far as leaders in public life are concerned. This story never left me. In responsible positions I tried to be fair and impartial.

RSS & Premchand?

Premchand could not have been respected by RSS because great friendship between Jumman and Algu ( a Muslim and a Hindu) would itself be unimaginable!

Present Indian Society

I don’t know whether Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Yogi Adityanath, Amit Shah, Modi and Deepak Misra had/ have read “Panch Parmeshwar”. The story gives you a sense of having a “moral compass”, the voice of conscience. One thing I am sure is that they were /have not been influenced by this story!
I have read very little. In whatever I have read, a subject which has always interested me is leadership. My limited reading and experience has shown one thing consistently that a leader’s character is far more important than his ability. The “moral compass” is far more important than knowing  India’s Constitution or all the constitutions of all major democracies by heart. Probably the leaders of the Twenty First Century have become too smart and the society has evolved too rapidly. My interactions with the modern Indian youth make me feel that they find it is appropriate for leaders to pursue their selfish interests. They don’t realize that the basis for emergence of the first leader in a group was based on his genuine desire to sacrifice personal interests for the sake of the group. Only then does he get accepted as a leader.
Indira and Rajeev are dead. The others I have named are alive and in powerful positions. My humble request to them:

“Please read ‘Panch Parmeshwar’!
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