Please Remember Emergency!

Please Remember Emergency!

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Yesterday we remembered Indira’s imposition of “Emergency”: a black day of Indian democracy. Predictably most of the editorials were written by pro-BJP people. In TV discussions I found Congress people predictably defending the indefensible. I will not go in the details of what was done by Indira and Sanjay. I will discuss the conduct of insecure, autocratic leaders and the spineless conduct of the weak pillars of democracy. I am writing this blog because it is very relevant today because Modi is the closest an Indian PM has come to autocratic Indira.

Highlights of Emergency

  • Indira tried to end democracy for continuance of personal power.
  • For the sake of personal safety and security, the people who form the pillars of democracy let down the masses. It exposed the spineless conduct of Indians in important administrative positions more than Indira’s autocracy.
  • A lot of people, including my own family members, feel that it was a golden phase as work efficiency improved and India is fit only to be ruled by an autocrat and unfit for democracy.
  • Jayprakash Narayan was able to mobilize the masses to save democracy and throw out the Indira misrule.

Relevance of Discussing Emergency Today

  • A large number of people still feel that India needs an autocrat and not democracy.
  • Undemocratic rulers have been thriving not only in India but the world like Jayalalitha, Mayawati, Mamata, Modi, Putin, Erdogan, Assad and so on.
  • Congress as well as several other political parties lack internal democracy and in case they get a majority at the center are capable of taking India near to the “Emergency” times.
  • Vajpayee led BJP’s coalition government was a democratic government and several Indians, like me, had expected Modi government to work on similar lines.
  • Congress’s dynasty is its “Achilles heel”. With such preeminence of the dynasty, Congress leaders lack the moral courage to denounce “Emergency” till date.
  • Similarly our political parties have lacked the moral courage to denounce and accept the misdeeds of killings of Sikhs in 1984 in Delhi, destruction of Babri Masjid and killings of Muslims in Gujarat when Modi was CM.
  • The pillars of democracy were suppressed in a sudden move under Indira misrule but have now been eroded gradually and systematically under Modi-Shah misrule.
  • We do not have a leader like Jayprakash Narayan, who has a clean image and who can mobilize the masses today against Modi’s erosion of democracy.

Lessons for Indians

  • Suppression of democracy is very much possible today. Modi has already greatly eroded democracy and institutions in India. In my view, if he gets reelected as the PM then India will no longer remain a democracy & will become similar to Russia or Turkey or Pakistan (minus the powerful Army with “Yogis” wielding unconstitutional power instead of “Mullahs”).
  • There will be a large section of Hindu hardliners who will celebrate this sham democracy. Please note that Putin and Erdogan are also quite popular. There must be “Putin” & “Erdogan” “bhakts”, like we have “Modi-bhakts”!
  • Indians have to decide whether we prefer democracy & freedom or an undemocratic “Hindu Rashtra” which will make Kashmir a living hell & keep India continuously at war with Pakistan. Modi, in order to consolidate Hindu votes, needs to create the imaginary fear of internal & external enemies to consistently portray dangers to Hindus & project himself as their savior. This is exactly what Pakistan Army has been doing since the birth of Pakistan and so also Putin and Erdogan in Russia & Turkey respectively.
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