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Using every opportunity from Pulwama, Balakot to COVID-19 to promote himself is our PM’s standout trait. PM CARES fund is no different. It is designed to market Modi even in these difficult times. PM Modi dislikes any scrutiny from his degree to Rafale deal to holding no press conferences to what was being carried in the black box in his helicopter during 2019 elections. Keeping with that spirit, PM CARES fund is opaque. Let us understand this fund better. I would like people to read and share this blog because media is too scared or sold out to talk about such stuff.

Does the PM Really Care?

  • More than 6,000 doctors from the top hospitals of Delhi have unanimously refused to donate one day salary to the fund (PM-CARES Fund: After AIIMS, RMLH, Lady Hardinge Medical College refuse to donate one-day salary).
  •  Sonia in a letter to PM has requested that the funds received be transferred to the PM Disaster Relief Fund. Naturally PM has not replied to Sonia.
  • A plea was filed in the Supreme Court raising questions about the PM Cares Fund and various Chief Minister Relief Funds, and how they may be in conflict with National and State Disaster Relief Funds. The plea also sought a direction to conduct mass COVID-19 tests across the country. (Plea in Supreme Court questions need for PM Cares Fund when National Disaster Relief Fund exists; calls for mass COVID-19 Testing)
  •  The Supreme Court (the judges wizened by incidents like the death of Justice Loya & midnight transfer of Justice Murlidhar) on 13 Apr 2020 quashed the plea.
  • Donations to PM CARES Fund would qualify for 80 G benefits for 100% exemption under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations to PM CARES Fund will also qualify to be counted as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expenditure under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • PM CARES Fund has also got exemption under the FCRA and a separate account for receiving foreign donations has been opened. This enables PM CARES Fund to accept donations and contributions from individuals and organizations based in foreign countries.
  •  The minimal amount acceptable is Rs 10/-.
  • Reliance, Akshay Kumar & the general good guys of the PM have donated generously.
  • PM Modi has said the fund would benefit the “poorest of the poor”. Since 2014 PM Modi has made several big promises. Please recollect as to what happened to them.

Please listen to this editorial as well.

Important Points for Readers

This blog will definitely invite adverse comments from “Modi-bhakts”. The line of thought taken would be that in the past Congress was corrupt. My suggestion to sane readers is that please ignore such trash comments. The reasons are as follows:

  • That the Congress looted India does not legitimize looting by PM Modi.
  • It is public money & public should know as to how it gets spent.
  • Presently the states are fighting the battle against COVID-19 but PM Modi is sitting on funds which the states need & is not releasing them fast enough. In national interests funds should go quickly to CM’s Relief Funds. 

 Please think: Does the PM really Care?

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