Psychology of Hatred

Modi-Shah have understood the politics of hatred better than anyone else. They have shown to India and the world that religious hatred is an adequate issue to come to power as also to stay in power. The basis of this power flows from Hindu bias against Muslims. I have used the word ‘bias’ to mean a little different from what you may be conventionally used to. Bias here means that “the biased person is prejudiced but is not aware about it & thinks that he/she is quite fair”. Let me state some things straight:

· Unity in diversity is an idea to aspire for in India. We never had unity. Good leaders were trying to develop it because they rightly believed that it was a good idea for India to progress.

· After the end of the freedom fighter generation we have not had any political leaders but opportunist politicians. Proof: when things go wrong, like riots then a leader should be present at the critical point and stop wrong things by the force of his personality. For this the leader needs a credible character. This is something which no politician in power has had in recent times.  

·  Modi-Shah have understood two things better than anyone else for contemporary Indian society and that is why they are rightly the most powerful duo today. These facts are:

· Hindu hatred is enough to come to power.

· Biased Hindus do not need India to progress for Modi-Shah to sustain in power; Hindu hatred for minorities in general & Muslims in particular is enough.

Psychology of Hindu Bias Explained

Some of you would have seen the Amir Khan movie, “PK”. All such movies are hated by Hindu radicals but get appreciated because the majority of Hindus are not radicalized like their Muslim counterparts in several countries like Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. There is one very important lesson which this movie was trying to teach us, which most of us probably missed. The lead girl in the movie had become conditioned into believing that Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular are untrustworthy and wish us ill (it had become a part of her unconscious thinking or default thinking owing to the environment that she grew up in-parents, peers & society in general). That is why she believed that her Pakistani-Muslim boyfriend had ditched her. This was absolutely false. She needed a dead honest alien to explain to her that her boyfriend was absolutely loyal, in fact far more loyal than an average Hindu. Why I am narrating this? This is because aliens cannot come and explain this truth to average Hindus who are not radicalized but are tending to believe irrational falsehoods spread by RSS/ BJP/ Modi’s IT Cell. Note some samples of these falsehoods:

·       A reasonably sane course-mate of mine from NDA believed that Gurmehar Kaur had been indoctrinated into posting what she did. Minister Rijiju & numerous others from the BJP were promoting this falsehood.

·       A fairly sane person told me that he had seen bundles of fake currency notes floating in a nala the day after Modi announced demonetization. This was a lie being sponsored by Modi’s IT Cell.

·       Numerous falsehoods were promoted recently about Tablighi Jamaat related to the spread of COVID-19 led by Modi’s pet Arnab Goswami.

·       Another fairly sane course-mate told me about how Muslims were spitting on notes and fruits before selling them to spread COVID-19. The video in question was spread by BJP politicians.

Why I am Convinced Biased Hindus are Falling Prey to False Propaganda?

I have not come across even one Muslim, Sikh or Christian who I know & who believes the Modi spread divisive false propaganda.  I see numerous examples of fairly sane Hindus who are tending to believe the false propaganda. These guys had appreciated the movie “PK” and think that they are not prejudiced. My blog is directed at them. There is still hope for India to improve but it is fast receding. I do not blame Modi-Shah as much as I do blame you biased Hindus. Please decide whether you want India to go the Pakistan way or remain a secular, progressive society?







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