Questions to Supporters of CAA & NRC

 Questions to Supporters of CAA & NRC

Modi-Shah & their cronies are promoting a narrative that anti-CAA & NRC protestors are misguided. This is a lie. For all supporters of Modi-Shah & CAA & NRC I have the following questions. Please answer them.

Question 1

India is a secular country. Name of no religion figures in our Constitution. Please explain why bringing of religions in CAA is not Constitutional?

Question 2

India is facing a severe economic crisis today. The priority of Indian government (if it is working for the people) should be to resolve the economic crisis. What was the urgency to bring CAA now?

Question 3

CAA-NRC are in accordance with Hindutva politics of RSS. Is Modi working for India or promotion of RSS agenda?

Question 4

Deliberate confusion on CAA-NRC has been created by Modi-Shah with ill-intent. Why did Modi lie to the nation from Ram Lila Ground in Delhi that there has never been any talk of NRC by his government & there are no detention centres in India?

Question 5

On most major issues Modi has a proven track record of being a liar. Examples: Rs 15 lac in each account, doubling farmers’ income, recovering all black money & bringing quick justice to all cases against MPs & MLAs. Why should I believe that Modi’s statement that there is no plan to conduct NRC is also not a lie?

Question 6

It is being said that NPR is not the first step towards NRC. If this is true then why have the number of questions being asked in NPR increased & changed from the past convention?

Question 7

Working through cunning & deceit is normal for Modi. Examples: sudden abrogation of Article-370 & early morning swearing in of BJP government in Maharashtra which failed the floor test. I believe that NPR is definitely related to NRC. Why should I believe that Modi is not adopting his usual tactics of deceit in NPR?

Question 8

CAA & NRC relate to our neighbouring countries. Why this issue was never discussed by Modi with either Bangladesh, Pakistan or Afghanistan?


Modi-Shah & their cronies cannot give satisfactory answers to the above questions because their intentions are to promote their divisive agenda and work towards the creation of a “Hindu-Rashtra” through deceit. All Indians who believe in the Constitution and the idea of India as envisaged by Gandhi-Nehru-Patel & Ambedkar must oppose CAA & NRC and anti-people policies of Modi.

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