Rafale Scam Explained Simply

Rafale Scam Explained Simply

When Modi became PM the following were the relevant issues about Rafale deal:

  • The deal with France & Dassault had not been finalized by the UPA government.
  • The discussion was on for 126 aircrafts.

What Modi Did?

Modi, as has been his nature, ignored all efforts by the Defence Minsitry in the deal & unilaterally signed the deal for 36 aircrafts instead of 126. This was done primarily to benefit Anil Ambani by forcing Dassault to accept Anil Ambani as offset partner.

By doing so Modi caused the following losses to India:

  • Security and Air Force suffered due to the reduction in the number of aircrafts.
  • The price became 3 times that of the earlier deal being negotiated by the UPA government.
  • HAL, the public sector unit which was to be involved in the manufacture in India and transfer of technology suffered. It caused potential loss of jobs and investment in India.
  • Removal of sovereign and bank guarantees by Modi was an irresponsible act unbecoming of a PM.

Since misdeeds have been committed in the deal Modi is making all efforts to cover up by:

  • Lies being told in the Parliament & outside by various government ministers & BJP leaders.
  • False propaganda through Modi bought media.
  • Making futile efforts to relate the issue of price of aircrafts to national security, which has no relationship with security.
  • Making false claims that Modi has been given a clean chit by the Supreme Court in the Rafale scam.
  • Forced the CAG to publish a useless report thus undermining another independent government agency.
  • Threatening to invoke the Official Secrets Act-1923 to threaten Ram of Hindu and other journalists from publishing information about the scam & bring it to public knowledge.

In Short

Rafale deal is a scam; public will learn the facts in due course of time; efforts to cover up by Modi will fail to hide the truth of misdeeds.

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