Rajasthan, MP & Chhattisgarh Elections

Rajasthan, MP & Chhattisgarh state election results came yesterday. They have brought good news for India and indicate several important things. Here is my analysis:

Indians Can’t be Fooled

Modi-Shah kept feeding the people lies/nonsense or kept playing dirty politics about:

  1. How bad Congress was.
  2. Ram Mandir/Hindu-Muslim divisive agenda, the poster boy for which is criminal Yogi.
  3. Numerous schemes which have been more jargons than substance.

Despite using immense black money acquired by the BJP to spread falsehood about the great benefits of demonetisation, GST and various schemes people were not fooled & punished them for their poor performance by voting them out.

Lanka Burnt, Ravan & Kumbhkaran will Go in 2019

Pilot & Scindia have been the Hanuman’s of Ram’s army who have burnt down Lanka of the enemy of India but India is still eagerly awaiting the elimination of Ravan & Kumbhkaran in 2019!

Anti-Modi Sentiment; Not Pro-Congress

The loss of these elections indicates public’s anger against Modi’s policies and it is not a pro-Congress vote.

Can Self-appointed Saviours of Hindus Eat Eggs?

With plenty of eggs coming on the faces of Modi, Shah & Yogi I have a genuine concern. These self-appointed saviours of Hindus would be very strict vegetarians. How will they manage so much of eggs coming on their faces?

No Great Days Ahead for India

There is nothing great expected from the grand old Congress which is poised to get back to power. It has good talent but has shown no capacity to change to give better governance to India. We can expect:

  1. Congress to remain a private limited company.
  2. Corruption & black money will remain very much a part of Indian society.
  3. Farmers, poor labourers & Dalits will be a little better off than present.
  4. With Congress adopting ‘Soft-Hindutva’ there is no one left to give voice to the concerns of Muslims. Their representation will go on reducing. The future of Muslims is bleak in India

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