Reasons to be Proud Modi-bhakts?

Reasons to be Proud “Modi Bhakts”?

I witness great celebrations after 2019 election victory by “Modi-bhakts”.  I have some questions for you. Let me apprise you of the brief history of your party that was BJP. It is not BJP anymore (calling it BJP is hypocrisy). In this blog I ask you some questions. Please consider these questions seriously and I humbly request you to accede to some of the requests that I have made in this blog.


It is “Modi-Shah Party” or in short “MSP”. In 1984 BJP had 2 seats in Lok Sabha. It, however, had leaders like Vajpayee, Advani & Joshi. When Vajpayee formed a government BJP had ministers like George Fernandes, Yashwant Sinha & Shourie, in addition to the above. Today MSP has MPs like Pragya (terror accused) Thakur, Sunny (hand-pump) Deol, Hema & some more small time actors whose names I don’t recollect. When BJP had 2 seats it had more leaders. Today MSP has over 300 seats but you have only Modi-Shah. I am sure you are proud of Modi making MPs (I saw a popular WhatsApp share on this subject)?

MSP: Lowest Ethical Party

No PM has told more lies in India’s history than “Feku”. MSP is an ethically dead organization. We Indians love movies and movie dialogues resonate in our minds. I am reminded of “Deewar” movie’s iconic dialogue between Amitabh & Shashi Kapoor when Amitabh tells his younger brother that he has a swanky house, car, big bank balance & so on & the younger brother had replied that he has their mother with him. Are you, “Modi-bhakts”, proud of owning 95% of the political funding, impressive 7-star offices, massive funds to buy opposition elected members but with a zero balance in your account of ethics?

In these elections “NAMO TV” mysteriously appeared & then disappeared. Pulwama & Balakot became the biggest reasons for asking for re-election of Modi. Majority of the speeches delivered by your great leaders were ethically in violation of the model code of conduct. I am sure you would be proud of supporting the lowest rated party in fair play?

Gandhi Can Never Lose!

Long back this country had a man called Gandhi, who you prefer to call “Chatur-Bania”. I appreciate Pragya’s honesty in praising his killer Godse. I am sure Gandhi’s soul must be laughing at the hypocrisy when your biggest leader sits under his image and plans ‘divide & rule’ like the Britishers & create the tallest statue of unity of Patel with an agenda to divide public opinion between Nehru & Patel. I am sure you are proud of this achievement?  By division you can rule but not make a country progress. I humbly request you to stop the following in India’s interest:

  • Mob- lynching of Muslims & treating the criminals involved in the lynching like heroes.
  • Encounter killings of Yogi.
  • Cow politics conducted to divide the society and harass Muslims. Beef and leather industries also contribute to India’s economy. By harming these you are harming India’s national interests.

Ruining India’s Economy

Modi-1 government created acute farmers’ distress, brought unemployment level to the highest in 45 years. The economy is in a bad shape. You may remember that a false promise of doubling farmers’ incomes was made by Modi by 2022. Your government will be in power till 2024; no one will ask you or Modi as to what happened about this promise. Opposition is demoralized & media is bought by you. Will you be proud or have a tinge of guilt at the deaths of numerous poor farmers in Modi-2 Government who will die in the hope that their income will rise someday or by 2022? To improve the economy professionals with genuine knowledge of economics are required, maybe those who studied at Harvard or “Khan Market Gang” type guys. India is heading for a middle income trap like Brazil & South Africa, but you will trust the “raw wisdom” of your great leader and “Desi brains”. Will you be proud of afflicting further misery on India because of the arrogant “raw wisdom”?

Modi’s “Sena”

A great formula of extrapolating the success of Hindu-Muslim divide within India to India-Pakistan enmity to arouse national feelings was used in this election. Periodically getting focus onto Pakistan proximate to elections will be a good formula to be used during state elections and elections in 2024. Something akin to the surgical strikes and raising war hysteria 3-4 times in 5 years will not be too big a price to pay to stay in power? I know this will be done.


I am sure that you are proud that the voting percentage in Kashmir was around 10%.  I think that by treating Kashmiris as enemy, creating indigenous Kashmiri terrorists through your divisive policies and through muscular handling of terrorism by killing about 200 such Kashmiris in 5 years (till 2024) you will please your Hindi-heartland Hindu voters who neither have visited Kashmir or serve in the Forces. Your policies will bring the voting percentage to around 3-4% in Kashmir in the future elections. Of course some MSP candidate may win election in Kashmir in the future. Will such a sham election swell your chests with pride?

My Humble Request & Promise!

I don’t trust your great leader but Indians have reposed faith in him. He said that this victory has increased his responsibilities to deliver. Through you I humbly request him to deliver at least a little to help the farmers and create jobs. I assure you that I will make my minuscule contribution towards the massive propaganda muscle that you already have. Unlike your great leader I don’t make false promises!

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  1. I remember I was in Noida in 2017 & Uttar Pradesh had got a new chief minister. I remember people talking about police hurling young couples from park in the name of women’s safety. Probably police were instructed to do so, by their higher authorities. That reminded me of a movie Gangajal where the goons tried to purify the system with Gangajal ( basically acid).

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