Save India from Modi!

Save India from Modi!

I observe great support for Modi among the social groups that I am a part of:

  • Class-mates,
  • Course mates,
  • Tennis group &
  • No Frills Academy students.

I have reasons to believe that majority of the above group members are wiser than me. Still I consider it my social responsibility to explain my perspective & that is if Modi gets another term India would be ruined. Please save India from Modi! Let me explain.

Modi & Corruption

Corruption & black money have been and continue to be major reasons hampering India’s progress. It is popularly believed that Modi is not corrupt and is fighting against corruption. This is absolutely false propaganda. Modi is definitely corrupt. Please check the following yourself:

  • Over 7-8 lac crore of NPAs of the banking sector have accumulated during Modi misrule of 5 years. 90% of contributors of the NPAs would be less than 100 people. Modi is definitely complicit in this loss to the nation. Please do your independent research & decide.
  • Corruption is involved in the Rafale deal. Please do your own research on the subject. One big demand which arose out of the Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement was the appointment of a Lok Pal. Cases like Rafale Scam would have gone to the Lok Pal. Modi did not appoint a Lok Pal in 5 years. He is definitely scared of scrutiny.
  • BSNL, HAL & PSUs have suffered under Modi misrule to benefit Ambanis. Please research yourself as to how Reliance Jio has ruined the entire telecom sector with the help of Modi. Plenty of news has come out about HAL not being paid the dues & so on.
  • If some of you still believe that ‘demonetization’ was a great step to fight black money by an innocent, well- meaning PM then please don’t read ahead. I had heard Abhay Aima (course mate) supporting the act on TV & expecting a wind-fall gain to the government, which proved to be trash. I have also spoken to Narendra Rishi (class-mate) who had to close down his factory under heavy losses because of ‘demonetization’. (He had supported his entire family through this small factory of 7-8 workers since 1976). Modi ruined him and got him under depression.
  • Modi led BJP is the biggest recipient of black money. Please research yourself the details. Visible evidence of black money with BJP:
    • BJP is the only party which does not want a cap on election expenditure.
    • BJP has the maximum capacity to buy opposition politicians.
    • BJP has the biggest capacity for rallies, helicopters, posters and advertisements everywhere.
    • Please research yourself the electoral bond scheme brought by Modi to legalize flow of black money into BJP funds.
    • I am not even telling you to bother about Amit Shah’s son, Smriti Irani and all those who were tainted as corrupt earlier but as soon as they joined the BJP they became absolutely honest & beyond any investigation.

Mixing Religion & Politics

I know some of you genuinely believe that Hindus are in danger of being out-numbered by Muslims & that Muslim boys take away Hindu girls & that all Muslims are basically pro-Pakistan and Kashmiri Muslims need to be taught a lesson & the special status to Kashmir must end immediately. For some of you Yogi Adityanath is even better than Modi. Please just think of what has happened to Pakistan by making it an Islamic state? India may go the same way as Pakistan or Iran if Modi continues as PM.

Don’t Question Modi

Modi has held no press conference. He is scared to face public scrutiny. Is this democracy? Do you want this autocracy to continue? India had faced a similar challenge in 1977 under Indira misrule. Indians elected an inefficient government but it was far better than perpetuation of Indira misrule. Today we are again facing this threat to democracy & the Constitution from Modi. Just note as to how the media has stopped asking any questions. Just note that reporting of misdeeds has come from Cobra Post, The Wire, Caravan, Quint, Dhruv Rathee, NDTV or recently Ram of Hindu. A large number of people, misled by Modi propaganda, believe that these sources of news are opposition funded & Modi sponsored guys like Arnab Goswami actually tell the truth. Please research the funding sources of media & decide for yourself as to who is telling the truth. We never had so much of fake news. We never had a bigger liar as our PM. Do we want this Modi’s vision of India? So many of you keep sharing the propaganda promoted by the BJP IT Cell which is mostly trash. Please listen to this:

Subversion of Institutions

Let me not get into the details of all this. You people are better informed than me. Please think as to whether the ‘supposed to be independent’ institutions have been eroded or not? Will they survive another 5 years of Modi misrule? In my view we are going the Pakistan, Iran, Turkey or Russia way. You may know better than me.

Framers’ Distress & Unemployment

Do you think that all these protests by farmers and unemployment figures which got leaked are all false? Do you believe that Modi & Jaitley are actually working to double the farmers’ income by I don’t know when?


Some of my class-mates are/were also in the Defence Forces. All my NDA/IMA course mates are Defence personnel. Have you got OROP? Are not Jaitley and Modi lying on the subject?

Over 160 Schemes in 5 Years

Do you believe that ‘PM this & PM that’ schemes (someone told me that they are over 160) are really working? If these schemes had been successful, then the people would have been happy. Do you find happiness around you about the state of India? Do you believe that Modi has brought ‘Achhe Din’? Do you think he can do so in the future?


Do you sincerely believe that JNU and AMU are producing enemies of India and that they are more Pakistani than Indian? Should we think about our universities like this? The budget for education has been reduced. Please research to find out for yourself that over 70% of the budget on schemes like: “Beti-bachao, Beti-parhao” is spent on propaganda (like most Modi schemes!). Harry Potter series are a modern day version of our Hindu epics-‘Ramayan’ & ‘Mahabharat’. Should we believe this as history and talk of existence of internet and plastic surgery in those days? Do we want our grandchildren to be taught this trash?

We Elect Service Provider for 5 Years

As I see it bulk of the politicians are self-serving opportunists. They should not be called leaders. By voting we are in a way electing our (government) service provider for 5 years. We should question them & demand good service from them. We want our service provider to work & not spend 80% of his time & energy by using our money to tell us as to how great he is & we should award him the next contract for 5 years. This is what Modi has been doing. Should you give him the contract for the next 5 years?

Last Words

Maybe I perceive things wrongly. I accept my intellect is highly limited. It was always so. Please enlighten me with your views as to how India will benefit by re-electing him? (Note: I have not been funded by the opposition parties; my name is Nehru but I am not a Congressman!)

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  1. Sir, usually I read your blogs please tell me the better alternative to MODI…. Is Pappu is the better one or any other?

    • Just vote for the right candidate in your constituency, preferably other than BJP. This will lead to removal of Modi. Anyone else would prove better!

      • With my low Intellect,i’ll try to give my views plz bear with it.
        .modi and Corruption;
        First point you raise about NPA ,well it is 6.2 lac crore acc. to Parliamentary affairs committee and its not because of him its the people like Vijay mallya ,Mehul chaukasi,Nirav Modi.
        Reforms introduced by the NDA government for clean banking:
        Strict enforcement of conditions of loan sanctions.
        Stressed Asset Vertical in Banks.
        Transparent Recognition of NPAs.
        Upfront Provisioning for losses on NPAs: Rs. 5.88 Lakh Cr. provisioned
        in 4 years.
        EASE – an agenda for reform at PSBs
        Expensive AT 1 Bonds recalled
        Rationalisation of overseas operations
        Effective management of operational risks including technology risks
        Passport details of borrowers for loans > Rs. 50 Cr.
        Continuing transparency in appointments – results on the day of interview
        Customer Comfort: Digitisation of banking outreach, increasing use of Technology/Fintech
        Udyamimitra portal as one stop portal for Mudra and other MSME loans
        TReDS operationalised for MSMEs – All PSBs registered, over 142 corporates as buyers
        National Financial Reporting Authority – Auditors’ Regulator initiated.
        Negotiable Instruments Act amended.
        Ban on Unregulated Deposits Bill introduced in Parliament.
        Fugitive Economic Offenders Act.
        SECOND point you raise about is LOKPAL
        The Selection Committee which appoints Lokpal, consists of the Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, the Chief Justice of India or a Judge of the Supreme Court nominated by him and an eminent jurist who is to be recommended by the mentioned four members.
        Since there is no Leader of opposition in the lok sabha therefore no appointment of LOKPAL.
        THIRD point is about Reliance jio,Jio helps common people hugely(i think no need to explain this)
        To be continued

        • Thanks for the comments! I appreciate counter views & like the visitors also to read them. The increase in NPAs under Modi is because he is complicit in it. Your views on Lokpal are humorous.

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