Should you Know/Speak the Truth?

Should you Know/Speak the Truth?

Please read these 3 statements:

  • At the time Nepal created a new constitution and India was in election mode in Bihar, Nepal suffered a 4-month economic blockade and it was a major cause of creation of anti-India sentiment in Nepal. One of my students was asked about this in SSB interview. He had no clue. I analyzed and found that this was never reported in mainstream Indian media.
  • I asked a bright student (who primarily listens to Arnab Goswami) of mine, as to what were the major reasons for India’s economic slowdown. He gave the following points:
    • World economic slowdown.
    • Millennials using Ola & Uber.
    • US increasing tariffs on Indian products.

Despite his diligence, he did not know the truth!

  • A friend, who was euphoric on the abrogation of Article 370, asked me to at least praise Modi for this great act, because I am a Kashmiri Pandit. I found no reason to praise this undemocratic act which has led to misery and great economic loss for Kashmir. He was a victim of relying upon Modi’s WhatsApp University for his GK.
  • One bright, outspoken student asked me twice that can she speak against the government policies if in accordance with her conscience she was speaking the truth. I advised her to speak the truth. She was affected by the sense of fear and insecurity spread in India by Modi and supported by weak media and other Indians.
  • When asked by some of my students at home the reason why Modi had given great reduction in corporate tax, (stated aim being to promote investment both indigenous & foreign & thus promoting growth and jobs, which, as evidence comes is appearing to be a false assumption), when majority of sane economists were advising the government to spur domestic demand by increasing the money in the hands of the poor (through policies like MNREGA) and increasing public capex, I said that it was probably to ensure that Modi keeps getting money for BJP through electoral bonds from the corporate. It was very much in news that the policy would reduce the government revenue by over Rs 1.5 lac crore. What was not much in news was that BJP had received 95% of the electoral bonds amount (a totally opaque policy introduced by Modi in India to increase his election funding). A very respectable friend and course-mate advised me that I should not misguide impressionable brains because of my political biases by stating such facts (in his view wrong indoctrination!). Another friend and course-mate, who has been an Interviewing Officer in SSB, like me, stated that the selection system does not select candidates who offer views opposed to government policies. This statement is totally false to the best of my knowledge. In case this was true than the candidates Indian SSBs select should be stating the following:

More Lies than Truth!

  • Demonetization reduced black money and Modi is the biggest crusader against black money.
    • Indian government never interfered in Nepal’s internal affairs and was not at all involved in the economic blockade of Nepal and Nepal is drifting towards China because of false propaganda by Nepalese and some anti-national Indians.
    • Ravish Kumar was wrongly given the Magsaysay award because his reports on jobs and unemployment are false and against national interests.
    • Abhijeet Banerjee has been wrongly given the Nobel Prize because government’s view is that his policies are leftists and have been denounced by the Indian public.
    • The biggest reasons for electing governments should be national security and faith and Modi is the biggest savior born for both.
    • All corrupt politicians who joined BJP to evade corruption charges and prosecution were financially clean people. I heard a joke on WhatsApp that if Ravan had joined BJP before ‘Dushehra’ then he would have survived. Because Modi would have saved him!
    • No opposition politicians like Chidambaram, Sharad Pawar and others are being targeted but it is law only taking its normal course. It is also absolutely normal that prosecution has not pursued cases against the killers and rapists of Muslims in Muzaffarnagar.
    • Modi is running the cleanest and most democratic government ever in the World. EC, ED, Judiciary, CBI are totally independent under the great messiah’s golden rule. The RTI Act and Lok Pal are working great and people know whatever they want to know including how many people were killed in Balakot, how the explosive came for the Pulwama strike and yes, of course, the authenticity of the degree of the messiah himself!

Decide where You Stand on Truth

PM Modi is the second biggest liar among the present top leaders of the world after Trump. Since the present Indian government implies just two men, who are serious liars, it is a taken that lies and misinformation are generated by the government. It is for you to decide where you stand on truth. Danny Boyle knew India’s truth better than us. In his film, “The Slumdog Millionaire” the protagonist had learnt the answers to all the questions that were asked through his varying experiences of life in India. He could not answer one simple question & that was the meaning of “Satymeva Jayate”. He had not seen truth winning in India. In the year of the 150th anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi, Sarvarkar is being tipped to be given the Bharat Ratna (I have heard some anti-national fake news spreading that this great hero of India was accused of plotting the murder of Gandhi, along with another great Indian- Godse).Truth is definitely losing under the golden Hindu Rashtra of Modi-Shah. Please decide where you stand on truth. You may find yourself quite lonely in standing for truth!

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  1. A good article sir and i agree with of the stuff……….another thing Government intervention in RBI rules and regulation amending ARTICLE 7 in RBI act so that gov an intervene in RBI policy and withdraw the money from reserve fund…… it was there main intention during election to get the money from RBI and wave the Farm loan of farmers …….u can say that’s the reason 2 Governor resigned very quickly…………….
    The Electoral Bond thing i completely agree..

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