State of India-What Should We Do?

State of India-What Should We Do?

Central Government’s Role

Since the end of 2019 the Modi government’s prime focus is political survival & the path it has chosen to do so is through Hindu-Muslim divide. My assessed government’s reasons for doing so are:

  • Vajpayee Government was defeated by an inefficient Sonia despite efforts to improve the economy and governance. Sonia was chosen by Indians for two tenures. Hence Modi finds no reasons to focus on the economy and good governance.
  • Advani became the top leader of India through the divisive and violent politics of ‘Mandir’.
  • The state sponsored killings of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 led Modi to assume the mantle of the top leader of the BJP from Advani & led him to become the PM. Now Yogi, a criminal, who has become the CM of UP is seen as the next big leader. Since BJP rewards Hindu radicals like Pragya, no wonder Anurag Thakur, Sangeet Som & Kapil Mishra are expecting rewards for promoting hatred. Talk of development, eradication of corruption and good governance were just falsehoods being promoted to ensure greater number of votes.
  • Efforts of the RSS and anti-Muslim sentiments existing among a fairly large section of Hindus could be used to come to power because it was rightly assumed that no opposition would dare to oppose Hindutva politics. This was a correct assessment because neither Congress nor Kejriwal have dared to do so.
  • A study has proved that Hindu-Muslim violence increases the vote share of BJP. Modi-Shah’s aim was to probably engineer the violence before Delhi elections but it could not be done timely & got delayed.

Expectations in  State Elections due this year & later till 2024

  • There will be greater polarization in all state elections as well as the 2024 Parliament elections.
  • India will witness more state sponsored violence against the Muslims like the one recently witnessed in Delhi in Feb-Mar 2020.


The economy will suffer even more. The situation of unemployment will become even worse. The ease of doing business in India may go up only on paper. In reality both domestic and foreign investment will fall. Government will keep giving false data about everything & the credibility of government will be severely eroded. Modi promoted divisive politics and violence will harm all Indians and our economy.


What happened to Justice Murlidhar is in people’s minds today. How Justice Loya was murdered is little further from people’s memories. How retired Justice Mishra recently praised Modi (laughably) is in public memory. Judiciary will continue to abdicate its constitutional responsibilities as has been apparent in the cases of illegal detentions of Kashmiris and non- registration of FIRs against the criminals of the BJP. Reasons for expected behavior of the Judiciary:

  • Judges do not want to be transferred at midnight or be killed.
  • A fair number of judges are corrupt and hence they cannot be expected to display high morality in judgments. Government can initiate cases against them of corruption or anything else-true or fabricated cases-whatever.
  • Judges have a question in their minds: “Why people expect us to live up to high morals when they elect criminals like Modi, Shah, Yogi, Pragya & numerous others?”


Police will be complicit in government engineered killings as was witnessed in Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Jamia, AMU & JNU in Dec 19 & recently in Delhi in Feb 2020. Police has played this role in the past in 1984 in Delhi & in Gujarat in 2002. Reasons why Police will continue to do so:

  • Police is a highly corrupt force & a large number of local police persons are communal, influenced by RSS agenda and see clear benefits in terms of financial gains & promotion in aligning with the government rather than Constitution and ethics.
  • Example of IPS Officer Sanjiv Bhatt and Inspector Subodh are well known among Police officers.
  • Police officers have a question in their mind, “When politicians, bureaucrats, judges & businessmen benefit through corruption in India rather than upholding high values and doing their work with sincerity, why should the public expect them to be principled?”


The state of the media will deteriorate even further. Government will be asked no questions. Media will keep promoting Modi & RSS’ agenda. Reasons for doing so:

  • Bought by Modi.
  • Fear of fabricated cases: examples: NDTV & The Wire.

What is Modi-RSS’ Long term Plan?

  • Increase Hindu radicalization. I am witnessing this happen in my family, my class-mates & course-mates. People are refusing to understand simple logic.
  • Creation of a ‘Hindu-rashtra’.
  • Marginalization of the minorities in general & Muslims in particular.
  • Regular and consistent attempts to provoke Muslims to violence so that Police can be used against them. Notice the pattern: Breaking of Babri Masjid, pressurizing judiciary to legalize construction of Ram Mandir at the same spot, interfering in Muslim personal law and removal of special status of Kashmiri Muslims. Engineering sporadic Muslim killings in the name of cow or whatever & prior to elections on some pretext to keep the pot boiling in general & little more around election times.
  • Imagine yourself to be a poor young Muslim in Bijnor, UP. You get your family member murdered by Police in cold blood & money looted for no crime. You realize that the state government, central government, police, bureaucracy & judiciary will not help you. What do you do? You  feel powerless to effect a change of government or get justice somehow. You then resort to a life of crime. This is exactly what Modi wants you to do because then he can legitimately kill you by the use of Police. In this way Modi is able to prove to his radical supporters that Muslims are in any case criminals. In this way he will increase his vote-bank as well.

What Should We Do?

  • If You are a Muslim. Please do not resort to violence. Please do not follow any radical leader like Owaisi. Please have faith in the democratic system & the Hindu friends you have had since childhood. Hindus are getting radicalized but the majority of us are not & prefer the rule of law to Modi-Shah-Yogi’s criminal methods of governance. Ensure that you must vote and vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the BJP candidate. Please continue the peaceful agitation against CAA & NRC.
  • If You are a Minority Community Person. Have patience and must vote against the BJP candidate. Please support the agitation against CAA & NRC.
  • If You are a Hindu Radical/’Modi-bhakt’. Please write trash remarks on this blog. It is not meant for you in any case!
  • If You are a Hindu who Believes in the Constitution, Rule of Law & Secular India. Please make efforts to mobilize public opinion against Modi & how India is getting ruined under his misrule. Make people understand that India is not in danger from Muslims or Pakistan but criminal politicians like Modi-Shah-Yogi & younger breed like Thakur, Som & Mishra. Must vote in all elections against the candidate most likely to defeat the BJP candidate. Please continue the protests against CAA & NRC.
  • If You are an Opposition Politician or Supporter. Realize that the entire opposition has to join hands to save India, the Constitution & the idea of India as envisaged by Gandhi. Please give up your ego & work to save India. The Maharashtra model has to be implemented elsewhere. Kejriwal needs to be spoken to & explained that he should not become BJP’s B Team. Collective effort is essential to defeat Modi-Shah-Yogi led BJP. Please join the protests against CAA & NRC.


  • All sane Indians should continue the protests against CAA & NRC. These unconstitutional acts must not be allowed to operate in India.
  • All sane Indians should unite to defeat Modi-Shah-Yogi led BJP in elections.
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