Statements of CDS, COAS & Arrest of DSP Davinder

Statements of CDS, COAS & Arrest of DSP Davinder

Recently the CDS, the COAS & DSP Davinder have been in news. My comments on the issues are given in this blog.

Controversial Statement of CDS

Gen Rawat proposed that de-radicalization camps should be established to counter the problem of Kashmiri youth being radicalized. It is a fact that the youths are being radicalized and it is a grave problem. The solution has to be political, something like what Vajpayee had tried. De-radicalization camps are being used by China in Xinjiang for Muslims. These are definitely a very bad idea in my view. Reasons:

  • If we establish de-radicalization camps for Muslim youths then we should also establish de-radicalization camps for those who killed Aklaq, Pehlu Khan & Inspector Subodh & even put people like MP Pragya in them.
  • Comments on Gen Rawat’s statement: It is a highly immature statement & means nothing.

COAS Statement: “Will get POK, if Parliament Says”

The statement by the COAS in answering a question is absolutely correct & there should be no controversy about it. Parliament represents the will of the people in a democracy and the Defence Forces have to work for the will of the people. The COAS could have given no other answer to the question posed.

DSP Davinder Singh

Davinder Singh was apprehended along with terrorists, arms and ammunition. He is alleged to be involved in various controversies related to terrorism:

  • Parliament attack & Afzal Guru.
  • Pulwama.
  • Having wealth well above the known sources of income.

Comments: The field of gathering intelligence & counter-intelligence is totally murky. My students should realize that intelligence about terrorists cannot come through people who are upright citizens but only those involved in wheeling-dealing. The Home Ministry will definitely be involved in this affair, not just at present, but even during the UPA government. Please be assured that nothing much will ever come out in the public domain about this affair. Has anything come to public knowledge about what happened at Pulwama?

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  1. Jai Hind Sir,
    I really appreciate your efforts towards increasing our General Knowledge and making us have a personal opinion about various issues.
    On COAS statement of capturing POK if the Parliament says, you have stated that the Parliament represents the will of the people in a democracy.
    In your recent blog I read that you oppose the CAA. The Citizenship Amendment Bill was also passed by the Parliament with a majority. So, shall we come to a conclusion that CAA also represents the will of the people?

    • Your point is right as regards the Parliament representing the will of the people. CAA is unconstitutional & should be declared void by the Judiciary. Considering the massive uprising it also does not seem to have the backing of the majority of the Indians.

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